Best Soccer DrillsOne of the most challenging aspects of being a coach, is keeping your athletes busy the whole time that they are in the learning mode. Many times a coach of young children will expect the kids to wait in a long line for their one pass, three pitches, or their one shot at the hoop.

But, what would really be the best thing is to divide the children up into lots of small lines, enlist the help of several parents, or more advanced kids, and have each station practicing a different skill that’s necessary to play the game. Then, the children only wait short periods of time before they practice each drill. The children will learn way more, be kept busy the whole time, and never be in trouble for talking too much or get rowdy while waiting.

Soccer is a sport that lends itself to lots of different kinds of drills, and when the children master all the combinations of skills they become more advanced players. Let’s take a look at some of the best soccer drills that you can use as a coach.

Firstly, one of the best soccer drills is going to be a scoring drill. You line the children up over to one side of the goal and then bounce them a pass that they then need to control, dribble and score. You should mix these passes up so some of them are too high, some too low, some to the right, and some to the left, so that the children get accustomed to taking any pass the comes their way dribble and then score.

This particular drill is especially valuable when combined with goalies that are trying to defend against these numerous and sometimes wildly entertaining kicks. So, if you can get a parent to help you out on the goalie end, then rotate the children through one line where they try to score, and then through the other line where they attempt to block the score so you keep them busy, and they’ll be having a good time.

Another one of the best soccer drills is to be able to dribble the ball under control from one point on the field to the other without losing it.

At the start you’ll just need lots of soccer balls and have each child dribble the ball down the field and then score, keeping the line moving rapidly at all times. As their skills advance it’s a good idea to take some traffic cones, or even plastic chairs will work, then have the children work their way down the field and go around each cone while maintaining control.

Again, it’s important to keep the line moving so that the children don’t get bored and start to push and shove.

Each one of these types of drills can be done with a different soccer skill and help of a willing parent. By keeping the students moving, constantly doing different skills repetitively, by the end of the day their skills will increase and they’ll be happy with the good amount of energy they just invested.

For more great soccer drills you can have a look at the video below or to check our review on the Epic Soccer Training if you want to take the soccer game of your young team for the next level.

Have a great day!

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