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Hi friends, during the last few weeks we got several emails from users who reported that they didn’t find the Brain Revitalizer program useful for them and that they didn’t find the methods inside to be helpful as promised. Because of this feedback we will not recommend buying this program anymore and we will suggest looking for other programs online (right now the feedback we get from users about the Memory Protocol program is much better for example)… We hope that it helps

Rita and Alex

Brain Revitalizer program

What Exactly Is The Brain Revitalizer Program?


Created by Rachel Lewis, a resident of New Jersey, and Dr. Edstrom, a former consultant in neurology, “Brain Revitalizer” is a step-by-step guide that will teach you science-based techniques that promise to improve your overall brain health, as well as prevent, remedy, or even reverse the symptoms of certain brain diseases, like Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, from the comforts of your home.

A Brief Background

When her father suffered from cognitive decline, Rachel Lewis went into intensive research mode. That’s when she stumbled upon an article published by some local Alaskan newspaper. The article shared something about a small Alaskan town that has zero cases of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, and explained that this is because the townspeople have the same doctor – Dr. Edstrom.

Rachel said she flew in to meet Dr. Edstrom in person. When they finally met, he shared to her his controversial brain-tricking exercises that people can use at home in just a few minutes daily. After 21 days of using these same techniques, Rachel said her father experienced highly improved short-term memory, alertness, and mood…

So, what will you find out in the Brain Revitalizer program? Well, in short, here are the main things that Rachel Lewis covers inside:

  • You’ll discover the twenty-four powerful and effective brain exercises developed by Dr. Edstrom himself.
  • You’ll learn about a 21-day protocol that will require you to complete different worksheets per brain technique.
  • You will get the “Memory Killing Medicines” guide, which gives you a complete list of meds that are supposedly responsible for causing cognitive function impairment and dementia-like effects. Also, this includes a list of all-natural alternative treatments.
  • The “Meditation Mastery” guide will teach you fifteen meditation techniques that will effectively reduce your stress levels and cortisol hormones, a.k.a. stress hormones, which can increase your chances of developing brain diseases.

Aside from the main manual, you will also get two special reports for free:

Bonus #1: The “Brain Damaging Dangers” – This special report will show you different ways to protect yours and your family’s brain health, such as avoiding these twenty-one highly dangerous yet frequently consumed foods and seventeen daily habits that are known to damage cognitive function.

Bonus #2: The “Mind Control Bible” – This special report will teach you proven methods for influencing other people’s actions and choices, as well as how to avoid being controlled and bullied by others.

Well, these are just some of the things you’ll find out in the Brain Revitalizer program by Rachel Lewis and Dr. Edstrom. For more details about the main topics covered in the different guides of this program you can also take a look at the official Brain Revitalizer site…

OK, let’s continue to the next part of our review and talk about the pros and cons of the program…

Brain Revitalizer review

The Pros And Cons Of The Brain Revitalizer Program


The Pros


Science-Based Guide

It’s good to know that Rachel wasn’t making up those studies she mentioned in the introductory video found in the Brain Revitalizer website. For instance, she said something about a 2014 study that involved 2,832 older people. Researchers of this study suggested that memory training has a 10-year cognitive function benefit. We easily found this study online.

What does this mean? For us, this is something good because it’s a reassurance that we’re not buying a guide that’s based on opinion, theories, and rumors, which could either make someone’s condition worse or won’t have any effect at all.

Can Help Many People

You don’t even have to suffer from any brain disease, like dementia, to benefit from this guide. Perhaps you just want to enhance your memory and concentration to perform better at school or at work. Or, perhaps you want to properly manage your stress levels by learning how to meditate. You can achieve all those things through the Brain Revitalizer program.

A Simple And Time-Saving Guide

One of the most probable reasons these techniques work so well is because they’re explained well using the simplest terms. You don’t have to be a neurologist or college graduate to fully grasp the concepts behind the Brain Revitalizer program. All you need to do is follow the instructions by Dr. Edstrom and Rachel Lewis and have few minutes a day to spare.

One-Time Affordable Payment With Great Bonuses

The Brain Revitalizer main guide comes with equally interesting and effective bonus reports. We personally believe this is worth the one-time fee (which is very reasonable), especially when you can use the techniques and information shared inside for as long as you like.

Comes With A 100% Refund Policy

If you’re still a little hesitant to pay for this program, you may want to give this a try for the next two months. If within that time period the techniques didn’t work as promised, Rachel Lewis says you can demand for a full refund with no questions asked. While we haven’t come across any real complaints made against the Brain Revitalizer program so far, we still believe that this kind of guarantee can help and keep you on the safe side…


The Cons


Results May Vary

From our research on the internet it seems that the techniques shared by Rachel Lewis and Dr. Edstrom do work for most people, but don’t expect to get overnight results. You or a loved one may have to wait for few weeks or a couple of months to get noticeable results when following the program. So, be patient, keep your expectations realistic and simply practice the techniques every single day.

Not For The Lazy

Brain Revitalizer is a comprehensive program, thus it’s expected that you’ll have to spend some time going through the main manual and the other guides. If you’re the type who doesn’t like to read a lot, this may prove to be a problem.

Completely Digital

The Brain Revitalizer program is sold in PDF format only and there is no option to order a paperback version of the guides that Rachel Lewis and Dr. Edstrom offer inside their program. If you prefer reading physical books, you may be in for a disappointment (although you still have the option to print a copy at home)…

Dr. Edstrom Brain Revitalizer
The Bottom Line

Overall, we truly believe that the Brain Revitalizer program is a great resource for anyone who’s suffering from cognitive decline. It seems that the techniques mentioned inside this program do work for most people who try them, and in addition, we don’t see why you can’t use them in combination with other conventional treatments, at least those Dr. Edstrom doesn’t advice against.

The great thing is that the brain exercises in the Brain Revitalizer program were designed to deliver long-lasting results. This is a big advantage compared to some other treatment options that only provide a “quick fix” for the problem and don’t offer real solution. In addition, it is good to know that this program offers safe and effective techniques which are science-based and not based only on opinion or theories.

Of course, the Brain Revitalizer program has some cons as we mentioned above, and this is absolutely not some kind of “24 hour cure”. However, by following all the directions from Dr. Edstrom and Rachel Lewis on a daily basis and giving your true efforts during the process, we truly believe that you will see at least some improvement within few weeks…

To sum it up: If you or a loved one is at risk for or has any type of brain disease, and you are looking for something that’s safe and easy to follow and apply, then we don’t see why you should not check out the “Brain Revitalizer”. This program is science-based and offers effective techniques, and the best part is that the money back guarantee from Rachel Lewis allows you take the program on a test drive, so you can know for yourself if this is really for you or not without taking any risk…

Well, this is it for today’s review of the Brain Revitalizer program by Rachel Lewis and Dr. Edstrom. We really hope this review has given you the information you’ve been searching for, and may the Brain Revitalizer or any other program really help you or a loved one become free from any types of brain diseases… All the best!

Rita and Alex

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