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Thin from Within

Thin From Within System by Brad Pilon – Detailed Review


Hi everybody,

In today’s post, we will review the Thin from Within System by Brad Pilon. As we always do, we will break down this review into a few sections:

The first section will cover the basics of the Thin from Within program and explain what you can expect to get once purchasing it.

The second section will discuss its various pros and cons.

The final section will help you to understand better if Thin from Within is really the right choice for you.

Without further ado, let’s start!


Thin from WithinWhat Exactly is The Thin from Within program?

Created by Brad Pilon, a two-time international best-selling weight loss author and world-class expert in the science of nutrition, biology, and physiology, “Thin from Within” (also known as the “Truth About Keto” and “Live Thin from Within”) is a weight loss plan for women that’s designed to deliver the same results as a ketogenic diet, but without its negative effects and food restrictions.

Brad Pilon explains that the major benefit of the ketogenic diet is that it produces fast results. However, its disadvantages outweigh its advantages. For instance, it causes a massive rebound weight gain after you get off this diet. What’s more, it has a low success rate. Only less than 1% of Americans who lost a lot of weight using the diet were able to keep it off for good.

Brad claims that the key to sustainable and healthy fat loss will depend on your ability to control your leptin, which is a hormone that plays a role in regulating energy balance by suppressing hunger.

Inside The Live Thin from Within program Brad shows you exactly how to do that, and also cover the following topics:

A food technique that uses your favorite carbs for spiking your metabolism and keeping your leptin levels high so that you can burn fat all day.

A virtual nutritionist that will show you what types of food to eat and in what times for the next 12 weeks to eliminate fat from your problem areas.

A nutrient that’s essential for weight loss and is deficient in most women, according to a research.

Foods that women shouldn’t eat because they can damage leptin and make weight loss more difficult, and a lot more…

Aside from the main guide, the Thin from Within system also includes two other components:

1. Complete workout program – This is a 12-week exercise plan for women. The purpose of this is to complement the main program. Inside, you’ll discover exercises that target your hormonal balance to strengthen the soft areas of your body, get rid of cellulite, and speed up your weight loss.

Some of the things you will learn and find include:

– The types of exercises that women should avoid because they’ll delay fat loss and make cellulite even worse.

– The reason exercises for women are much shorter and less intense than exercises for men.

– Different types of simple exercises that you can do in the comforts of your own home to increase your metabolism, eliminate cellulite, and markedly improve your leptin sensitivity.

– 143 exclusive video coaching lessons.

2. Immersion community – This is a community of women who are just starting on their weight loss journey or have been in the same state as you are right now. In this community, you can connect with like-minded people, ask your most pressing questions, and get individual help from Brad Pilon.

For more details about the main guide and the extra components, please click here.

Now, let’s talk about the various pros and cons of Brad’s weight loss plan…


Truth About KetoThe Pros and cons of Thin from Within


The Pros


It’s Not a Restrictive Diet

With ketogenic diet, you’re going to eliminate all carbs from your diet. This can be difficult because most of the foods we enjoy contain carbs. That’s why many people are unable to stick to the ketogenic diet.

With the Live Thin from Within plan, you’ll have more options. Just follow Brad Pilon’s directions on what to eat and when to eat them to achieve the best results.

Brad Seems to be Credible

Who’s he?

Well, a simple Google search will reveal the answer. He’s the author of Eat Stop Eat, which is the result of the Graduate Research he did at the University of Guelph, Canada. He has a Master’s Degree in Applied Human Nutrition. He’s considered as one of the experts on intermittent fasting and has years of experience as a Research Analyst and Development Manager in the supplement industry.

If you wish to know more about him, you can visit his social media accounts below:


It is a Digital and Physical Product

This is another great advantage compared to most other weight loss programs online. For a one-time payment that’s less than $40, you get the digital and physical versions of the Thin from Within system. It’s pretty rare these days for program creators to offer this, especially at that price level.

Great Bonuses

The video coaching lessons and the Immersion community are two great components that can help you get much better results from the Thin from Within program.

60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

You have two months from your original purchase to go through the Thin from Within guide and videos and apply what you learned. If you’re unhappy for whatever reason, Brad Pilon encourages you to contact his customer service team by calling their toll-free number or emailing them to get a full refund.

This is a generous money-back guarantee that makes it easy to give the Thin from Within system a try with almost no risk at all.


The Cons


Results Could Vary

Not everyone will react the same to this diet plan. Some may lose weight in less than a month, while others may have to wait longer. There’s also a possibility that it might not help you at all, so please keep your expectations realistic.

Slow Customer Service Support

We’ve emailed their customer support team at It’s been more than a day, and we haven’t received a reply from them. We’re not saying this is something rare, and we already came across sellers or authors who answered our email within 72-96 hours after we contacted them.

With that said, we do hope that if Brad reads this review, he will try to provide faster support in the future.

You Pay for the Return Shipping Costs

If you decide to request a refund, you’re asked to return the physical version of Thin from Within. Unfortunately, you need to pay for the return shipping and handling costs. The returned items should also be in a good state when they receive it to be eligible for a refund.

P.S. If you choose the physical product, you’re going to pay for the one-time cost of the product plus the shipping & handling.


Live Thin from Within reviewThe Bottom Line

Overall, “Thin from Within” is a very interesting diet program. We’d like to know how it would make a difference in the lives of those who have tried the ketogenic diet – or losing weight by using restrictive or crash diets – but didn’t lose weight or kept it off successfully.

We must admit that there are many things we like about this program. For one, we liked that there’s a physical copy of it. Another is Brad included simple exercises that people can do at home and are especially designed for women.

We also want to mention the access to the “Immersion community” which can make it much easier to stick to the program and help you get the best results by communicating with other users that have similar weight loss goals as you have.

Of course, Live Thin from Within has its downsides, and you should understand that it is not a “magic pill” that will help you lose weight in only a few days. It is important to keep your expectations realistic and follow Brad’s directions to the letter.

To sum it up: If you want instant results, or if you have a health problem that needs medical attention, then the Thin from Within system might not be for you.

On the other hand, if you want a non-restrictive and safer alternative to ketogenic diet, or if you’re struggling to lose weight and keep it off, the Thin from Within program is a great option to consider, especially with the 60-day money back guarantee that Brad Pilon offers.

Well, that’s it for this review. We sincerely hope this will help you make a wise decision. If you already tried the Thin from Within program, please let us know what you think about it.

To your good health and fitter body!

Rita and Alex 🙂

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Red Tea Detox Program

Liz Swann Miller’s Red Tea Detox Program – Detailed Review


Hi guys,

Today we will review the Red Tea Detox Program by Liz Swann Miller. Our review will be divided into three parts:

Part 1 – A general overview of the program and explanations about the way it works.

Part 2 – An in-depth look at the pros and cons of this unique detox plan.

Part 3 – Our Conclusions and final thoughts, so you can understand better if Liz Swann Miller’s program is the right choice for you.

First, let’s understand what the Red Tea Detox is all about…


Red Tea Detox ProgramWhat Exactly Is the “Red Tea Detox Program”?

Created by Liz Swann Miller, a Naturopath and an Amazon author, the Red Tea Detox Program is a detailed guide that focuses on a little-known African red tea recipe that will supposedly stop hunger pangs and help you lose at least one pound of body fat daily.

According to Liz, she learned about this red tea from her college exchange student from South Africa. This student supposedly told her a story about a tasty red tea that a Kenyan tribe drank to suppress feelings of hunger and have boundless energy. Plus, the ingredients of this red tea can help eliminate toxins in your body and improve your metabolism so that you can shed the excess weight fast.

In this Red Tea Detox book, Liz Swann Miller will cover the following topics:

Simple techniques for effectively managing stress and restoring hormonal balance.

How this red tea will reduce stress and burn more fat in a short period.

A safe and effective shortcut for getting rid of hormone-blocking toxins in fat cells, which will lead to shrinking of fat cells.

The five main ingredients of this red tea and the scientific explanation of why these, as well as other four ingredients, are effective in shrinking fat cells.

Instructions on how you can easily restore the balance of your fat loss hormones and control your body’s fat-burning process.

Liz’ science-backed detoxification methods.

An exercise plan that will help you double your results.

A motivation booklet that will help you dispel common willpower myths, get rid of old habits and stick to this program until you get results.

A 14-day eating plan, and a lot more…

It is important to say that the five ingredients used for making this unique tea work together in perfect harmony, but you need to combine them in the appropriate amount to be effective.

In general, it works like that:

The first ingredient works by reducing stress hormones, preventing the production of new fat cells, protecting the liver from damage, and lowering your bad cholesterol.

The second ingredient makes you feel full, decreases calorie intake, and improves fat and glucose (sugar) breakdown to burn more fats.

The third ingredient improves blood circulation and triggers the release of adrenaline to increase your metabolism.

The fourth ingredient increases passing through urine without affecting the excretion of sodium and potassium and improves digestion and excretion of fat.

The fifth ingredient improves insulin sensitivity and helps your body to effectively breakdown carbs from your food.

Bonus items

Aside from the main guide, you’ll also get five bonuses as part of the Red Tea Detox Program:

1. 100 Great-Tasting Green Smoothie Fat-Loss Recipes

2. Effortless Weight Loss Hypnosis (Audio)

3. The Ultimate Superfood Guide for Super Health

4. The 5 Detox Methods of Famous Celebrities

5. A free private consultation for a month.

This is just a quick summary of what the Red Tea Detox Program is all about. For more information about the main guide and bonuses, please click on this link.

Now, let’s go through the pros and cons of Liz Swann Miller’s program…


Red Tea Detox ReviewThe Pros and Cons of the Red Tea Detox Program


The Pros


Exceptional Cooking Skills Not Required

You don’t need to be a good cook to make the red tea and smoothies. It has detailed and simple instructions, complete with meal plans. You only need a few minutes to make these drinks, so even if you keep a tight schedule, you can take advantage of its weight loss benefits anytime.

Easy to Find Ingredients

In the US and many other countries, you can find most of the ingredients recommended by Liz Swann Miller in your local health food stores and supermarket. Online shops may also have them.

It’s Suitable for Most People

Vegans, vegetarians, people with dairy or gluten intolerance, and diabetics can also use the Red Tea Detox Program. This red tea is free of fats, carbs, and caffeine (so it won’t cause jitters and palpitations).

It Stops Cravings and Hunger Pangs

These are the enemies of most dieters. That’s why it’s so hard to lose weight and keep it off despite exercising or restricting their food intake. We’re sure you can relate to this problem. That’s why it’s a good thing that this red tea will help you fight hunger pangs and unhealthy food cravings.

Great Bonuses Included

We believe the addition of the bonuses justifies the price. They’re relevant and useful. We especially like the book about smoothie recipes and the one-month private consultation.

Liz Offers a 60-Day Guarantee

If you’re unhappy with the Red Tea Detox Program for whatever reason, Liz encourages you to email her support team to get all your money back.

In simple words, you have 60 days to try Liz’s program risk-free…


The Cons


It’s Not the Ultimate Solution

The red tea could help you lose weight, but it’s just a piece of the puzzle. We all know that a successful weight loss plan consists of a healthy, balanced diet, a good weight loss workout plan, and offers realistic and achievable goals. You also need to change your lifestyle, certain habits, and mindset that hinder you from losing weight and keeping the weight off for good.

It Might Have Some Side Effects

Natural doesn’t always mean it’s safe or void of any negative effects. Even food could cause allergies and other negative effects in some people. As always, it may be a good idea to speak with your doctor before you drink this tea to make sure it’s safe for you and won’t react negatively with the medications you’re currently taking (if any).

The Red Tea Detox Program is a Digital Product

The book and bonuses are in PDF and MP3 formats. You can download them a few moments after your payment has been processed. This isn’t normally a major problem for most people.

However, if you prefer leafing through a physical book, you will need to print everything from your computer.


Liz Swann Miller red teaThe Bottom Line

Is the Red Tea Detox Program worth checking out? We believe it is.

To be honest, we don’t think you’re going to lose a significant amount of weight just by drinking this red tea and do nothing else to shed the extra pounds. However, it can be an excellent addition to your current weight loss plan and can help a lot in your weight loss efforts.

Personally, we really like that the instructions by Liz Swann Miller are simple and detailed. The guide includes eating and exercise plans, so you don’t have to figure out for yourself on what to do next.

Of course, like with other weight loss plans, the Red Tea Detox Program doesn’t guarantee a 100% success rate. It might also have some minor side effects, especially if you’re allergic to any of the ingredients used in making this red tea, or if you have a health problem.

Overall, if you’re morbidly obese, or if you have a serious medical condition that prevents you from drinking this red tea, then the Red Tea Detox Program might not be for you.

On the other hand, if you need something to supplement your weight loss plan, or if you simply want an easy and tasty way to lose weight, then the Red Tea Detox Program is a great option to consider.

Best of all, with the full money-back guarantee that Liz offers, there is really nothing to lose…

Well, this is everything we can say about this unique weight loss program. We hope this will help you make a wise decision. If you already have some experience with Liz Swann Miller’s Red Tea Detox Program, we would be glad to hear your feedback.

We wish you the best!

Rita and Alex 🙂

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John Sims Keto

The Keto Burn Protocol by John Sims – Detailed Review


Hi guys,

Today we will review the Keto Burn Protocol by John Sims. We will start with a general overview of the protocol, explain how it works, and then focus on the pros and cons. In the last section, we will discuss the important things you should remember before making a final decision.

First, let’s understand what the Keto Burn Protocol is all about.


Keto Burn ProtocolWhat Exactly Is The Keto Burn Protocol?

Created by John Sims, a nutritionist, personal trainer, and specialist on fat loss, the “Keto Burn Protocol” is a comprehensive guide that will show you what and how to eat certain foods to achieve ketosis, so you can burn fat in as fast as 3 days and improve your overall health in a few short weeks. This protocol was designed specifically for people in their 40s and above.

The phases

John Sims divided the Keto Burn Protocol into two phases:

Phase 1: During the Launch Phase, you’ll get a 7-day meal plan that was prepared by a team of experts (nutritionists, doctors, ketosis specialists, etc.). These meal plans will help you reach ketosis faster, so you can begin burning fat for energy instead of using glucose, which the body turns into fat. This meal plan consists of 35 recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as dessert recipes.

Phase 2: The Maintenance Phase will show you how to stay in the state of ketosis. You’ll also receive a month’s worth of meal plans, which consists of 150 recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and desserts. Each recipe comes with preparation instructions and shopping lists.

How does ketosis work?

When you go on a low-carb diet, your body doesn’t get enough glucose (a type of sugar), so it looks for an alternative source. To compensate for the glucose shortage, your liver uses fats instead. When stored fats are turned into energy, organic compounds called ketones appear in your blood and urine.

That’s how a ketogenic diet works. It will use fats as energy for your body. This leads to increased fat burning and rapid weight loss. The Keto Burn Protocol will not only help you lose weight, but it also promises to lower your risk for heart disease, lower your blood sugar, increase your energy and stamina, and improve your brain function.


John Sims offers three bonuses for every customer of the Keto Burn Protocol:

1. The Low Fat Frauds Book – This guide shares a comprehensive list of popular low-fat foods that you shouldn’t eat if you want to get rid of your belly fat and lose weight.

2. The Sex Drive Stimulator Book – After you shed the excess weight using the Keto Burn Protocol, you’ll discover natural and highly effective aphrodisiacs in this manual.

3. The Keto Cheat Sheet – This will give you the keto-friendly alternatives to your favorite carb-rich foods.

This is just an overview of the Keto Burn Protocol. For more details about the protocol and the bonus guides, please click here.

Now, let’s talk about the pros and cons…


The Keto Burn Protocol ReviewThe Pros and Cons of the Keto Burn Protocol


The Pros


You Can Eat Yummy Meals

You have hundreds of recipes to choose from. The good news is they consist of foods that are tasty, such as bacon, egg, avocado, coconut oil, beef, cream, butter, and so on. This guide will tell the specific amount you should eat of each meal, so you can reach ketosis and burn fat as fast as possible.

It Shows You How to Eat Right for Weight Loss

The Keto Burn Protocol will teach the perfect ratio of fats, carbs, and proteins that will trigger ketosis in as fast as 3 days, without any negative impact on your body or health. All you need to do is follow the meal plans and tips that John Sims provides, so you can achieve the body weight you desire.

Avoid Diseases Linked to Obesity

Obesity is one of the silent killers in the United States. According to the estimate of the CDC, one-third of Americans is obese. There are many health problems linked to being overweight and obese, such as diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, gallstones, gallbladder disease, gout, osteoarthritis, and sleep apnea. That’s why it’s only logical for you to lose weight and do everything to improve your overall health.

Improve the Overall Quality of Your Life

This is the greatest benefit of the Keto Burn Protocol. Once you lose weight and keep the weight off for good, you can do more things in life, regain your self-confidence, and repair strained relationships.

You’re Entitled to a Full Refund

You have sixty days to take the Keto Burn Protocol on a test drive. We believe that’s enough time to see if it works as promised. If you don’t achieve ketosis and lose the extra pounds, John encourages you to email him and ask for a full refund.


The Cons


Too Much of Fat Can Be Bad

Not all dietary fats are good for you. And if you eat too much of them, you’ll end up with chronic and life-threatening diseases. This bad fat is called saturated fat, which you’ll find in animal-based foods, red meat, and butter. According to the American Heart Association, saturated fat is proven by science to raise your LDL cholesterol, a.k.a. the “bad” cholesterol, and increase your risk for heart disease.

There’s No One Solution to Weight Loss

A successful, healthy weight loss requires a holistic approach. Diet is only a part of the equation. You also need to exercise, fix your mindset, and identify health problems that might affect your success or failure in losing weight.

This Is Not a Physical Product

The Keto Burn Protocol is an eBook in PDF format. It’s convenient because you can immediately download it to your device (smart phone, laptop, computer, tablet, etc.) and start reading and following this protocol. If you prefer a physical book, your only option is to print this from your computer.


John Sims KetoThe Bottom Line

So, is the ketogenic diet healthy? Does it help you lose weight? Opinions vary. Some praise it, while others don’t recommend it. It depends on the experts you choose to listen to.

Anyway, if you already exhausted your options and in need of another way to lose weight, the Keto Burn Protocol might be a great option for you. It’s simple to understand and implement, and John doesn’t encourage strict dieting or intake of diet pills. In fact, you’ll enjoy many delicious foods that are normally banned in other diet programs.

It’s not perfect, though. It doesn’t guarantee to work on all obese or overweight people, which is expected. We believe there’s no diet program that could promise a 100% success rate.

Overall, if you expect significant weight loss in just a few days, if you have an existing medical problem that prevents you from following a low-carb, high-fat diet, or if you’re severely obese, the Keto Burn Protocol might not be for you.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a healthy and easy to follow diet plan that allows you to choose between dozens of tasty recipes, then the Keto Burn Protocol is a great option to consider.

Moreover, with the 60-day money back guarantee that John Sims offers, it is really easy to try his protocol completely risk-free…

Well, this is it for this review of the Keto Burn Protocol. We hope this was helpful to you.

If you already followed John Sims’ protocol, we’d like to know what you think about it.

To your good health and slimmer body!

Rita and Alex 🙂

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