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More than one year was passed since we posted our original review of the Diabetes Deactivated program. During that period, we got lots of feedback from users who purchased the program and reported on their results. Unfortunately, we got more and more negative feedback from users in the last several months, and as a result, we will not recommend this program anymore. You are very welcome to contact us if you need more details about the reasons which led us to remove our recommendation.

We decided to leave the original review that we made last year below, just in case you will want to look at it. However, as explained above, we will not recommend this program anymore.

If you are looking for other type 2 diabetes treatment guides that get better feedback from our visitors, then here are two guides that you may want to check out:

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Diabetes Deactivated

What Exactly Is “Diabetes Deactivated”?


Created by Martin Sanders, a former type II diabetic, Diabetes Deactivated is a scientific-based program that will teach diabetics how to “deactivate” the symptoms and the root cause of the disease within the next 30 days – without following stringent diet, exact meal plan and low-calorie recipes.

A Quick Background

As what Martin revealed in the official website of the Diabetes Deactivated Program, he and his wife were diabetics. It was the death of their unborn child that prompted him to patiently look for a permanent way to get rid of their diabetes.

When searching for useful information online he stumbled upon a research study published in PLoS Genetics. Researchers from the University of Helsinki discovered a protein kinase called ERK7, which is present in both diabetics and non-diabetics. The researchers said that the only problem with diabetics is that this protein is always activated.

So, how does ERK7 cause diabetes? Well, it’s supposed to suppress normal insulin production by sending false signals to the body. These signals drive the body to go in “starvation mode,” which causes insulin production to shut down and blood glucose gets stored instead of being used as energy.

With this knowledge, Martin Sanders realized that the nutrients needed to “deactivate” the protein ERK7 are found in specific foods, and because of that the main step diabetics have to follow is to successfully incorporate these foods in their diet in order to be permanently cured.

On his Diabetes Deactivated guide Martin outlines everything you need to know to wage war against diabetes, and inside you will basically learn the following things:

  • A list of 11 types of foods that can disable ERK7.
  • A second list that includes 6 types of common foods which can cause your body to go into starvation mode and stop insulin production.
  • Simple step-by-step instructions on how to use Martin’s technique called “Eating for Fullness”.
  • Information on the three steps you should follow in order to fight off your diabetes and get the best results from the Diabetes Deactivated system.

Those are the main things you can expect to learn from the Diabetes Deactivated Program. For more details about the methods that Martin Sanders shares and the science behind them you can also check the official website.

Now, let’s talk about some of the most important pros and cons of Martin Sanders’ diabetes solution…

Diabetes Deactivated Review

The Pros And Cons Of The Diabetes Deactivated System


The Pros


Offers An Injection And A Medication-Free Cure

The Diabetes Deactivated Program is purely focused on diet and a healthy lifestyle. It offers diabetics an effective alternative or complementary treatment for their condition. And honestly, you can save more from this, since you don’t have to deal with side effects that are common in anti-diabetic meds.

Gives You A Better Understanding Of The Disease

The Diabetes Deactivated Program gives detailed and fresh perspective on diabetes and its root cause. Martin Sanders educates you on the exact foods you should eat to prevent activating the ERK7 protein, and also provides great diabetic meal recipes that are healthy and tasty.

Based On A Scientific Study

We wanted to make sure that the study done by researchers from the University of Helsinki does exist, and through online search it didn’t take us long to find the particular study Martin Sanders was talking about. We think anyone would agree that it somehow helps ease the doubt of any potential consumer regarding the legitimacy and safeness of the Diabetes Deactivated program.

Weight Loss Benefit

If you stick long enough to get results, you may be able to lose the extra pounds, too. Weight loss and a controlled blood sugar come hand in hand. If your sugar levels are within normal levels, it helps improve the way your body responds and uses insulin. In addition, you’ll be able to avoid sugar cravings, which make it hard to stick to any eating plan.

Easy To Understand And Execute

The Diabetes Deactivated guide was written with the layperson in mind. The writing style is casual and informative, and the words used are simple. There are plenty of details regarding diabetes and how to execute the techniques shared by Martin Sanders, and we are sure you will implement this immediately and properly.

Comes With A 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Regardless of the price paid, this kind of guarantee is very important for any consumer, and we are glad that Martin Sanders has this in place. This way you can feel more confident to take the Diabetes Deactivated system for a trial test without worrying about the money you’ve invested…


The Cons


Requires Patience And Discipline

We personally think any treatment program, whether this or another, is bound to fail if you don’t give your 100% commitment. Our best suggestion will be to convince your family to adopt the same diet you’re following. It’s a great way to introduce them to healthy eating and to lower their risk for type II diabetes at the same time.

About Stopping Your Meds

We understand that the author and other users stopped taking their meds when they used the Diabetes Deactivated program; however, we strongly recommend that you first talk to your healthcare provider to get proper guidance and avoid adverse events. This can be very important, especially if you suffer from other health conditions that require different meds.

A Guide That Is Digitally Formatted

The Diabetes Deactivated book is available in PDF format only and it’s currently not being offered as a paperback. If you prefer reading a physical book, you may want to skip this guide, or simply to print it out at home…

Martin Sanders Diabetes
The Bottom Line

Overall, we personally believe that many diabetics will find the Diabetes Deactivated Program a great solution to control their high blood sugar levels.

Come to think of it, we’ve heard stories and known people who, despite eating right and taking the necessary drugs, are still stuck with high blood sugar levels or keep getting worse. That’s why it was easy for us to open up to the idea that the ERK7 protein may be the real culprit. Fortunately, there’s a real study to back up that claim.

The first thing we liked about the Diabetes Deactivated Program is the fact that it offers an all-natural solution. No stringent diet, no extreme workouts, and no drugs or dietary supplements involved. Just a list of healthy foods you can easily find locally and step-by-step instructions on the way you should use them. In addition, the fact that this program can help you lose some extra pounds is also a great thing that many people will appreciate…

With that said, Diabetes Deactivated is not for everyone.

Firstly, although Martin Sanders said you can undergo this program without taking your meds, we still recommend that you keep taking them, unless your doctor gives his go signal. If you feel that you’re experiencing improvements due to following this program, ask your doctor how to go about with weaning from your meds.

In addition, please remember that Diabetes Deactivated is not some kind of “magic pill”, and patience and discipline are required in order to benefit from it. If you can’t give your full commitment to this program, then we personally believe that Martin Sanders’ treatment plan is not for you.

On the other hand, if you try to reverse your diabetes and lose weight at the same time, and you are looking for a natural and simple-to-follow treatment program, then Diabetes Deactivated is a great option for you. This program can really help you to avoid activating the insulin killer protein, ERK7, and it doesn’t involve usage of other risky anti-diabetes meds or expensive dietary supplements.

Moreover, this program is covered by a two-month refund guarantee, so actually we don’t see any reason why you should not take it to a “test drive”…

Well, that’s everything for this review of the Diabetes Deactivated Program by Martin Sanders. We sincerely hope you find this review informative and helpful for your needs… All the best!

Rita and Alex

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