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After receiving many emails from users who followed the diabetes miracle cure program we decided that we will not recommend this program anymore. While few users reported on positive results, most users reported that they didn’t get any results and were also very disappointed with the customer support. If you are looking for other guides that are similar to this one but get better feedback from users right now, then you can check our review on the Diabetes Destroyer program or to do your research online. There are many great guides out there…

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The Diabetes Miracle Cure
What Exactly Is The Diabetes Miracle Cure?

Created by Paul Carlyle, a former diabetic, and Dr. Robert Evans, an Ivy-league educated doctor who’s a specialist in diabetes treatment, the Diabetes Miracle Cure is a complete step-by-step program that aims to teach people how to safely, naturally and permanently cure their diabetes using a scientifically-proven alternative system.

Paul Carlyle and Dr. Robert Evans explain that there are actually two kinds of fats found in mammals, like humans. These are white adipose tissue and brown adipose tissue. According to them, activating your brown adipose tissue is one thing that you will really want to do.

So, why should you do that?

Well, aside from lowering your blood glucose, activation of your brown fat will also enable your body to burn fats better. In other words, you’ll effortlessly lose weight.

The Diabetes Miracle Cure is based on this specific concept and it was especially created for individuals who are either a pre-diabetic, type 1 diabetic, or type 2 diabetic. Inside this program you will learn exactly how to take advantage of this fat, including how to increase its amount in your body.

In order to make everything simple to follow and understand, Paul Carlyle divided his Diabetes Miracle Cure program into three main modules and listed below is a short description about each one of them:


  • The Core Module – This module will teach you exactly what you’ll need to do to handle the root cause of your diabetes, including a thorough explanation on how to activate your brown fat, increase the number of brown fat cells in your body and how to start the process of dropping those extra pounds.
  • Module Two – In this module you’ll discover a list of natural, safe and accessible remedies that’ll keep your blood sugar controlled. Some examples are Oregano, Rosemary and Bitter Melon.
  • Module Three – This module will shed light on the maintenance drugs you may be taking that could be sabotaging your success with this program.


Aside from those 3 modules, Paul Carlyle and Dr. Robert Evans also offer two complementary bonus guides named: “7 Day Energy Booster” and “Delicious Diabetic Recipes”.

That’s just a sneak peak of the Diabetes Miracle Cure program. For more details about the different modules or about the two bonus guides that come with the main program you can check the official site.

Now, let’s continue and cover the main pros and cons of the Diabetes Miracle Cure to help you understand better whether this natural program is really for you or not.

Diabetes Miracle Cure Review
The Pros And Cons Of The Diabetes Miracle Cure


The Pros


Break Free From All Your Maintenance Drugs

We know a few people who are also diabetic, so we have a good insight of their struggles. Although their meds keep their blood glucose controlled, these also have adverse reactions, ranging from non-serious (e.g. nausea) to serious ones (e.g. kidney damage). Not to mention they have to spend month after month for their meds, glucose strips and needles, and laboratory tests.

One of the biggest advantages of the Diabetes Miracle Cure program is that it does not involve any of these drugs, but instead it offers you all-natural techniques that were designed to tackle the root causes of the problem in order to deliver permanent results.

Scientific Evidences Exist

We did a quick search about brown fats and their supposed benefits for our weight and blood glucose, and the good news is that there are different studies and scientific articles online which support the claims by Dr. Robert Evans and Paul Carlyle.

The Authors Kept Everything Easy For The Readers

You don’t have to deal with any technical jargons or comply with demanding lifestyle changes. The authors of the Diabetes Miracle Cure laid out everything in easy-to-follow format, complete with details, so there’s little chance you’ll do anything wrong.

Beneficial For Non-Diabetics Too

Another thing that we like about the Diabetes Miracle Cure is that you actually don’t have to be a diagnosed type 1 or type 2 diabetic to benefit from this program.

If you’re someone who’s into healthy living, predisposed to diabetes, or interested in losing weight, then you’ll definitely find the Diabetes Miracle Cure a helpful guide for you as well.

Affordable And Backed By 100% Full Refund Guarantee

We’re pretty sure you already have a good idea how much you spend monthly to manage your diabetes… The good news is that the Diabetes Miracle Cure program is offered right now at a very reasonable price and all the things that Paul Carlyle and Dr. Robert Evans recommend to buy are not that expensive at all.

In addition, the authors also offer 60-day money back guarantee for their program if you will not be happy with what you get or learn, so actually this program can be tried without risk.


The Cons


Medical Supervision Is Still Recommended

There are many diabetics that are also taking other meds for different health complications, like high cholesterol levels. You can’t just stop cholesterol-lowering drugs (statins) abruptly because it will have rebound effects.

We personally feel that it’s more beneficial on your part if you work closely with your doctor while under this program.

Not A “Guaranteed Solution”

Well, admittedly, there is some marketing hype around the Diabetes Miracle Cure program. While it is true that this program is based on scientific researches and proven methods, no program in the world can offer a guaranteed solution to reverse diabetes like some people claim.

We will personally recommend keeping your expectations realistic when following Paul Carlyle’s program and to understand that it is not some kind of a “24 hours magic bullet”.

A Digitally Formatted Anti-Diabetes Program

The Diabetes Miracle Cure is exclusively sold online and it’s a downloadable guide. If you have a slow internet connection or if you don’t like reading eBooks this may be a con for you.

Paul Carlyle Dr Robert Evans Diabetes
The Bottom Line

Well, at first, we were a bit skeptical of Paul Carlyle’s claims, which were big and controversial. And about the brown fats, why haven’t we heard those before?

However, we did our research about brown fats and its anti-diabetic and weight loss properties, and the moment we learned there are such studies about these fats, we felt more comfortable about this program.

We personally really like that the Diabetes Miracle Cure isn’t really that hard to understand or follow. The authors made sure that everything’s presented simply, so their readers could easily and properly execute their instructions. In addition, the fact that there is no need to involve any risky drugs when following the program and that all the methods presented by Paul Carlyle and Dr. Robert Evans are 100% natural is another huge advantage in our opinion.

With that said, the Diabetes Miracle Cure is not for everyone.

Firstly, People may get the idea that they should totally stop taking their medicines for diabetes and its associated complications then and there. This could be dangerous since some drugs could have negative rebound effects, and we personally believe that it’s always a good idea to tell your doctor you’re under this program, so he can properly supervise you.

In addition, we must admit that we didn’t like to see all the “guaranteed diabetes solution” claims around the web. Like any other treatment program that is based on natural methods, the Diabetes Miracle Cure requires efforts and dedication in order to get any results. If you think that this program by Dr. Robert Evans and Paul Carlyle is some kind of a “magic pill” then the Diabetes Miracle Cure is absolutely not for you.

On the other hand, if you’re tired of taking anti-diabetes drugs and pricking yourself daily, if you’re excited with the idea of eating almost all the foods you want without restrictions, and if you want to break free from diabetes and its complications completely naturally, then the Diabetes Miracle Cure is a great option for you to consider.

Moreover, this program is offered right now at a special discounted price and if for any reason you decide that it’s not for you, there’s a 60-day money-back guarantee which you could take advantage of.

With these two great advantages, we truly believe that the Diabetes Miracle Cure is worth a try…

Well, that’s it for our Diabetes Miracle Cure program review. We hope you have found the information here useful and we wish you a happy and healthy life!

Rita and Alex

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