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In this post we will review the Fat Extinguisher system by Troy Adashun. As always, we will start with some general information about this fat loss program, continue with an in-depth section about its pros and cons, and in the final part summarize everything you should remember before making a final decision.

First of all, let’s understand what the Fat Extinguisher program is all about…

Fat Extinguisher System

What Exactly Is “Fat Extinguisher”?


Created by Troy Adashun, an author and a fat loss coach, “Fat Extinguisher” is a comprehensive weight loss program that promises to help men and women age 40 and above to melt at least 3 pounds of belly fat in just 18 hours by using a certain “Hollywood secret.”

Troy Adashun claims that most popular weight loss programs, like Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig, simply don’t work. He explains that while there are some specific plans such as a low-carb diet that do work, the results of such diets are very slow and most people have a hard time sticking to them because they are too stringent.

Worse, people who are over 40 years old have a hard time dissolving the extra body fat because they have lower levels of a specific “weight loss hormones.” These hormones are what you call the Human Growth Hormone (HGH), and aside from being responsible for weight loss, they also make people reverse major ailments, like diabetes, and look and feel younger.

So, how do you increase your HGH naturally?

Well, Troy says he found the answer when he met his idol, Greg Plitt. Greg shared to Troy how he triggers his brain to produce HGH naturally, so he could shed the extra fat every time he has a photoshoot. In a nutshell, he did it by tensing and relaxing a certain group of muscles in a certain sequence.

Inside the Fat Extinguisher system you will learn all about this special sequence and also discover the following things:

  • A list of 12 minerals, herbs, and spices that you should eat throughout the day in order to boost your HGH production at nighttime.
  • A list of supposedly “healthy” foods that actually don’t help with fat loss at all.
  • A list composed of 10 tricks for boosting the production of your natural HGH.
  • Greg’s technique for exercising the muscles in order to boost natural HGH.
  • 10 additional techniques that will increase the amount of your HGH.
  • The “1 Week Fat Buster” guide that will help your body burn fat faster.
  • How laughing at the right time of the day will help you dissolve excess body fat.
  • How meal timing will make your skin look healthier and younger, and much more…

Well, this is just some of the things you’ll discover in the Fat Extinguisher system. For more information about the main guide and the various bonus items that Troy Adashun offers with it, you can also click here.

Now, let’s talk about some of the most important pros and cons of the Fat Extinguisher program…

Fat Extinguisher review

The Pros And Cons Of The Fat Extinguisher System


The Pros


Backed By Studies

Can HGH really help you dissolve your stubborn excess body fat?

Well, according to WebMD, obese adults have abnormally low amounts of HGH compared to normal-weight adults. This hormone is also good for building muscles, thus the Olympics banned the use of it. One 2009 study that we have found also suggests that growth hormone accelerates body fat loss. [1]

Created By Credible Author

It’s easy to find information about Troy Adashun online. For us, that’s very important because we always want to know the background of a fitness and nutrition author that offers his fat loss program to the public.

If you want to have an idea on the type of books Troy writes, you can simply search for them on Amazon.com.

Easy To Read And Follow

The Fat Extinguisher guide is written in simple words, and in general, exercising is not required when following the program. However, if you want to shed the extra weight faster, mild or moderate exercising is always a welcome addition to your fitness regimen.

Reasonably Priced

Of course, we won’t complain if Troy lowers the price of the Fat Extinguisher system a bit. However, we must admit that when we consider all the information provided in this program, we think it is very reasonably priced.

60-Day Refund Guarantee

As with any other fat loss program, the only way to know if the Fat Extinguisher system really works or not is to try it for yourself. The good news is that right now Troy Adashun offers all customers 60 days to give his system a try.

In our opinion, this makes the Fat Extinguisher program a risk-free option…


The Cons


Results May Vary

We will highly recommend you to keep your expectations realistic when following the Fat Extinguisher system. This is not a magic bullet and you might have to stick to this program for a few weeks to see significant results.

Moreover, as with any other weight loss program, there’s also a chance it might not help you lose weight at all.

Discipline And Consistency

The Fat Extinguisher program is obviously not for people who can’t follow through. So, before you purchase this, make sure you can give your 100% focus and effort to make the most out of your money.

Available In Digital Format Only

PDFs are nice because they’re convenient, and you can easily read them while on the go. However, if you’re the type who prefers physical books, this might prove to be an inconvenience for you…

Troy Adashun Fat Extinguisher SystemThe Bottom Line

The online world is so flooded with weight loss programs that it’s really difficult to choose the one that will best suit your personal needs.

With that in mind, we must admit that the Fat Extinguisher program seems like a very good option, and it contains useful information which you could use to replace or improve your current weight loss plan.

More specifically, we believe that this program can be a great choice for people over 40 years old who try to shed stubborn body fat naturally. If we just base it on how Troy Adashun looks, we would definitely agree that the methods shared in the Fat Extinguisher system work.

Of course, this is not a 100% solution to your body fat woes, and if you’re not willing to work, it won’t work. Like other weight loss programs, you need consistency, discipline, and willpower to reap the benefits.

Overall, if you are looking for a “magical weight loss bullet”, or if you don’t have any plans of putting Troy’s tips into action, then the Fat Extinguisher system might not be for you.

On the other hand, if you’re 40-something and overweight, if you’ve tried everything and nothing worked for you, or if you simply want a safe and natural way to boost your HGH levels, then the Fat Extinguisher plan is a great option for you.

Moreover, considering the 60-day money back guarantee that Troy Adashun offers, as well as the very reasonable price tag of his system, we don’t see any risk giving it a try…
Well, that’s it for this review of the Fat Extinguisher system. We sincerely hope this helped you decide on whether to purchase this program or not.

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We wish you the best!

Rita and Alex

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[1] Kim KR, Nam SY, Song YD, et al. (1999). “Low-dose growth hormone treatment with diet restriction accelerates body fat loss, exerts anabolic effect and improves growth hormone secretory dysfunction in obese adults.” Hormone Research. Vol. 51, No. 2, Pages 78-84. Retrieved from http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/10352397.

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