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Hello everyone, during the last few months we got around dozen emails from users who followed the Heart Revitalized program without getting any results. Most of them also said that they didn’t get any answer from their customer support team. As a result, we decide to change our recommendation from our original review and to suggest people trying other similar programs online over this one. You can still read our original review below if you want so…

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Rita and Alex

Heart RevitalizedWhat Exactly Is The Heart Revitalized Program?

Created by Dr. Westphal and Andrew Dillard, a registered dietician and an accredited nutritionist, Heart Revitalized can be best described as an easy-to-follow comprehensive guide that reveals information on how to significantly improve your cholesterol levels, lower your risk to heart problems, and even reverse heart damage, by using very specific all-natural methods.

Andrew Dillard and Dr. Westphal explain that Cholesterols are not really bad. In fact, they’re essential components for different biological processes. They say it’s when there’s an imbalance between your HDL (high-density lipoproteins) cholesterols and LDL (low-density lipoproteins) cholesterols that’s the real problem.

According to Dr. Westphal, conventional meds are just hurting our livers, which play crucial roles in fat metabolism and cholesterol production. If it’s hurt, you’re bound to feel the negative effects, like clogged up arteries, cholesterol level imbalances and heart diseases.

And that’s where the Heart Revitalized Program comes in: It helps lower your risks to heart attacks and similar diseases by naturally increasing the enzymes in your livers that are responsible for taking out excess cholesterol, so your good cholesterols (HDL) could freely circulate through your body.

To help you achieve this goal the Heart Revitalized System offers step-by-step advice and lots of information about different topics, including the following things:


  • An extensive and categorized list of super foods that are guaranteed to facilitate proper liver enzyme production and decrease your (bad) cholesterol levels by as much as 70 points or more within the first 21 days.
  • A daily portion guide, which will inform you on how to combine these foods, when to eat them, and how much you should eat daily in order for your liver to cleanse itself and do its work properly.
  • A complete list of foods that are harmful to your liver. This list even includes veggies and fruits that are believed to be healthy, but are actually messing your cholesterol levels and promote plaque buildup.


This is, in short, the main idea behind Heart Revitalized. Now, let us explain our list of pros and cons that will help you understand better if this program is really the right solution for your personal needs or not…

Heart Revitalized Program ReviewThe Pros And Cons Of The Heart Revitalized System


The Pros


Wide Food Choices

What’s great about the Heart Revitalized Program is that you have a long list of genuinely heart-friendly foods from different categories that are pleasurable to eat and can be easily integrated into your daily diet. In other words, with this program you don’t have to confine yourself to a boring and restrictive diet.

Natural and Healthy

Andrew Dillard and Dr. Westphal aren’t requiring you to take any medicines or dietary supplements in order to benefit from the Heart Revitalized Program. It just focuses on you and the right kinds of foods to eat, so you don’t have to worry about nasty side effects.

See Results Pretty Fast

Before using this program, get all the required laboratory tests and then wait for around 17 to 21 days to be rechecked again and to see what was changed.

Dr. Westphal and Andrew Dillard guarantee users as much as a 95-percent reduction of risk for heart attacks and associated illnesses in this period, which is pretty fast considering the fact that their program involve only all natural methods.

Loaded With Information

The Heart Revitalized main guide is composed of more than 120 pages and it is filled with a lot of information that you must know to effectively manage your cholesterol profile and heart health to slowly recover from a heart ailment.

This program will truly educate you on the truths and lies that surround the food and pharmaceutical industries, so you can make wiser decisions about your health.

Covered By A Full Money-Back Assurance

If the Heart Revitalized Program fails to deliver its intended results within 60 days or earlier, Andrew Dillard and Dr. Westphal promise to give you a full refund of your investment.

This guarantee is backed up by a reputable retailer of digital products online, which simply means that Heart Revitalized is a risk-free solution.


The Cons


Who’s Dr. Westphal?

Well, Andrew Dillard didn’t exactly give his entire name so it was difficult for us to do a background check of Dr. Westphal.

In addition, we’ve searched online just to confirm Andrew’s claim of being a registered dietician and nutritionist. So far, we had no luck.

Don’t get us wrong here: we are not saying that what Andrew Dillard claims is not true, however, it would have been nice if he gave more specific information about his credentials, including links or sources where people could confirm them, as well as more info on Dr. Westphal’s full name.

Not For Stickler To Conventional Medicine

The Heart Revitalized program is considered as an alternative heart treatment which may discourage firm believers of conventional medicine to enroll in this program.

Just to be clear: we don’t advice anyone to fire their doctors and rely 100% on this program. While this program offers all-natural safe solution that can really help many people, we personally believe that it’s still wise to let your doctor know about it and let him give you his professional advice.

Exclusively Distributed Online

The Heart Revitalized guide and the bonus items that Andrew Dillard offers with it can be only purchased online and you won’t find this program at the offline world.

If you are not a fond of PDF format and you like reading “old style physical books” then this may be a disadvantage for you.

Dr. Westphal and Andrew DillardThe Bottom Line

Overall, we truly believe that the Heart Revitalized Program by Andrew Dillard and Dr. Westphal is a great option for anyone at risk of heart ailments or for those who are currently battling high cholesterol levels, or have suffered heart damage.

What we really liked about the Heart Revitalized guide is that it offers a complete all-natural solution, and since it only entails for a user to eat the right kinds of foods that aid the liver and the production of its enzymes, there’s no need to be afraid of adverse side effects.

In addition, everything is simply laid out for users, including what foods to eat and not to eat, the right serving portions and combinations, and the right timing (which we never thought to be important before). While it’s not a “miracle cure”, if you will follow the authors’ instructions, you’ll most likely get at least some kind of the positive results you’ve been promised…

With that said, the Heart Revitalized program is not for everyone.

If you feel much more comfortable with a heart treatment method that is based on mainstream medicine, or if you think that the methods by Andrew Dillard and Dr. Westphal will help you to solve any heart problem immediately and without efforts on your part, then the Heart Revitalized Program may not be for you.

You should understand that this is an alternative heart treatment method which is based on all-natural principles, and some lifestyle changes and diet modifications will be required in order to make this program work for you.

In simple words, our best advice for you is to keep your mind open when getting this program, to bury your skepticism for the next 21 to 60 days, and to just follow the instructions you will find inside. If you are not willing to put any efforts then you should not get the Heart Revitalized system from the beginning.

On the other, if you’ve tried everything and didn’t find success, or if you prefer something that is natural, effective and safe, then it may be a good idea to give the Heart Revitalized Program a try before you spend your hard earned money on different drugs and pills which you will probably find useless anyway.

Moreover, with the 60-day refund guarantee being offered, we personally feel that there’s really no harm or something to lose here…

Well, that’s basically all we had to say about the Heart Revitalized program. We hope you enjoyed reading this review and we wish you a good health and happiness always!

Rita and Alex

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