If you heard about the Instant Quitter Program by Sanders Goodman and you try to understand if this program can really help you quit smoking as promised, then we invite you to dedicate few minutes from your time and to check our Instant Quitter Program review below.

On this detailed review we will cover all the important things regarding Sanders Goodman’s program, explain what you can expect to learn inside his guide, and discuss the various pros and cons which we believe you should know about it.

Firstly, let’s understand what “Instant Quitter” is all about…

Instant Quitter Program

What Exactly Is The Instant Quitter Program?


Created by Sanders Goodman, a head researcher for a large American tobacco company for over twenty years, the Instant Quitter Program (also known as the “Instant Quitter Program: The Quick and Easy Way To Stop Smoking Without Withdrawal Symptoms”) is a step-by-step program that’s designed to help smokers easily and quickly quit smoking, without harsh diet restrictions or experiencing any withdrawal symptoms.

Sanders said that smokers who quit experience physical withdrawal symptoms because alkaloids stopped going through their bodies, while mental withdrawal symptoms happen because dopamine stops getting discharged in their brains. He explains that by strategically consuming foods that are rich in dopamine and alkaloids, you can naturally avoid feeling any withdrawal symptoms, as well as it makes it easier to quit cold turkey.

So, what will you learn when purchasing the “Instant Quitter Program”? In a nutshell, here are the main things that Sanders Goodman offers inside his guide:

  • A list of veggies, meats, and fruits that contain high amounts of alkaloid and dopamine.
  • Information on how to integrate these dopamine and alkaloid-rich foods to your daily diet to prevent any mental or physical withdrawal symptoms from surfacing.
  • Step-by-step advice on how many times and how much of these foods you should consume each day based on your level of nicotine use.
  • A vast amount of food combinations at your disposal.
  • Tips on how to naturally prevent these two key physiological changes that take place once you quit smoking, and much more…

Aside from the main guide, Sanders Goodman also included an exclusive bonus named “day-by-day quit plan” in his Instant Quitter Program. This bonus guide will teach you how to slowly discontinue foods rich in dopamine and alkaloid. You’ll also get a crisis aversion cheat sheet to ensure you won’t be plagued by those cravings.

According to Sanders, he usually tells people to follow the Instant Quitter Program for twenty-eight days. After that time frame, it’s totally up to you whether you’ll continue to include the foods shared in this guide in your daily diet or not…

These are just the basic things you’ll discover inside the Instant Quitter Program. For more specific information about the main topics that Sanders Goodman covers inside his guide you can check this page on the official Instant Quitter website.

Now, let’s continue and go over the different pros and cons of this program…

Instant Quitter review

The Pros And Cons Of The Instant Quitter Program


The Pros


Gets Rid Of Tobacco Cravings Fast

Smoking aids, like nicotine patches, do work. In fact, a 1994 article published in The New York Times online said that nicotine patches has a 25% success rate. BUT here’s the catch: they have serious downsides, too. For instance, those who successfully quit smoking cigarettes find themselves addicted to nicotine patches. Thus, the vicious cycle of addiction starts again.

The Instant Quitter Program stands out from conventional treatments because it addresses the cravings of a chronic smoker. Some users reported that their cravings disappeared even on the first day of starting the Instant Quitter Program, while others say they stopped smoking for over a year after using it.

Simply Written And Easy-To-Follow Techniques

This is a pretty straightforward guide, and it uses simple words and a casual writing style. That’s why it’s quite impossible to misinterpret anything inside. Actually, we’re sure even a thirteen-year-old kid can easily go through this guide and follow Sanders Goodman’s instructions.

Made For All Types Of Smokers

Whether you’re hooked to cigarettes or cigars, it doesn’t really matter. The Instant Quitter Program is designed for all types of smokers in order to help them quit cold turkey without experiencing bad bouts of headaches, mood swings, sweating, and jitters.

Helps You Become Healthy Again

We think smokers know that their bad habit is associated with so many health problems, like cancer, heart problems, mouth diseases, erectile dysfunction, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and so much more. That’s why it’s critical to quit as soon as possible. We believe the Instant Quitter Program can help you do exactly that.

A Sixty-Day Guarantee Is In Place

Are you a little doubtful that this will work? Fortunately, you can put your doubts to rest because you can take the Instant Quitter Program for a test drive for two months. If you find yourself still addicted to smoking despite using it, Sanders Goodman says you can feel free to claim your 100% refund within sixty days.

This is a big advantage, especially when you consider that the Instant Quitter Program supposed to work much faster than those two months…


The Cons


A 100% Digital Product

The portion guides, crisis aversion cheat sheet, the food lists, and all the other information that Sanders Goodman provides inside the Instant Quitter Program can be viewed or downloaded through the exclusive “members only” area. If you’re looking for a paperback version, there’s none (unfortunately) and you’ll have to print out an hard-copy at your own expense.

A Bit Pricey

As always, price is an important factor for every consumer, and the Instant Quitter Program is not that cheap compared to similar guides online. However, just think how much you’ve spent for nicotine replacement therapies so far.

Depending on the concentration, nicotine patches could cost between $22 and $44, more or less. And you usually have to use them for around 8 weeks…

Sanders Goodman quit smoking
The Bottom Line

Overall, we personally believe that the Instant Quitter Program is a great resource for anyone who plans or have failed to quit smoking using other smoking aids.

Whether you love to smoke tobaccos or cigarettes, this is for you. What’s really great about the Instant Quitter Program is that it offers pretty fast results and helps you completely eliminates your cravings, which is something that most conventional smoking aids aren’t able to do.

In addition, from our research and the feedback we get it seems that most users say it’s easy to understand and follow everything Sanders Goodman explains, and most of these users reported that they were able to successfully quit smoking by following this program.

With that said, the Instant Quitter Program is not for everyone.

If you’re overly skeptic, if you don’t plan to follow all the directions by Sanders Goodman, or if you think that this solution works like “a magic”, then the Instant Quitter Program may not be for you.

On the other hand, if you’ve tried almost all types of conventional treatments out there, if you want to avoid diseases caused by chronic smoking, or if you simply want a natural and effective way to stop your nicotine cravings, then the Instant Quitter Program is a great option for you.

While quitting smoking is not entirely easy, we truly believe that this program can help you be free from this addiction for many, many years. That’s why we will recommend you taking this program for a test drive for two months. If you don’t like it for any reason at all, then simply ask Sanders Goodman to send you a full refund.

While we haven’t encountered any negative reviews of this program yet, this guarantee simply means that you can try the Instant Quitter Program without any risk.

With all these things in mind, we don’t see why you shouldn’t give this a go, especially if nothing worked for you until now…

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Well, this is everything we have to say for this review of the Instant Quitter Program by Sanders Goodman. Was this review helpful? We really hope so!

We sincerely hope you’ll be able to successfully quit smoking for good, and we wish you the best 🙂

Rita and Alex

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