Exercises To Jump HigherSome of the most intense exercises to jump higher have a direct association with some science in the type of training done to give the leg muscle the necessary power and life for a higher jump. A higher jump has little to do with have the proper footwear that claims to have some added “magical lift”. The truth is that getting that high vertical jump or even the forward stride jump needs lots of exercises under proper training.

This post will highlight some of the exercises that anyone seeking to gain an extra lift and power in his or her jump can easy do and see real results.

Box Squats

This exercise pays a particular attention to the hamstrings, which are necessary muscles for a faster run and higher jump. They help build huge legs in terms of muscle.

The training involves the use of weights place over the shoulder at the back of the neck with an adequate arm support. A box ranging between 1 – 6 inches in height is placed between the legs that are hip-width apart and the person squats down until they lightly seat on the box, while support the pressure of the weights with the legs.

It follows the same principles of the basic squat exercises to jump higher.

Depth Jumps

The exercises work best using only your body weight. You will still need a box of around 16 – 25 inches or more in height and you will have to jump off the box and then immediately take a power jump the very second your feet touch the ground.

Doing the routine repeatedly will activate the muscles that enable them to achieve a faster contraction when you take a quick hard upward leap.

Tuck Jumps

These exercises use your body weight. They are simple to execute and are intense impact exercises to jump higher. To do the routine, go down to a squat position, only this will have your knees as close to your chest as possible then take a powerful leap into the air.

Make sure you keep your balance when you back on the ground and go down to the prior position and take several other similar leaps. Once you are fully in tune with the routine, you can add few hurdles.

Start with low heights working your way up a few inches higher after every hurdle you tackle using the tuck jumps.

Step Ups

This exercise will give a good focus on the hamstrings and calf muscles. For these exercises to jump higher, you will need to use something with well grounded. A solidly and strong chair can work. Just place it against the work.

You will fit the left leg and place it on chair and using it as your elevation point pulling your full body weight off the ground. Switch your legs once you are in mid-air for the right leg to land on the chair and the left on the ground.

Repeat this routine for around 20 – 30 jumps. You can also try place the left leg on the chair but this time you will just use the power in the left leg for an upward thrust. It should stay in contact with chair as you bring up the right leg and bend it while you are in mid-air. Go back down and repeat the same action again. Do this 10 – 15 times before you switch to the right leg.

These exercises to jump higher can help you in many different sports, such as basketball, soccer, volleyball and more. If you are looking for a complete vertical jump program that will help you to maximize your results then we will recommend you checking our Vert Shock Program review and to learn about a proven vertical jump program by two experts.

You can also check the attached video below for few more exercises to jump higher which can be useful for you.

We wish you the best!

Rita and Alex

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