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Today we will review the Kabbalah Manifestation Secrets by Solomon Shane. For your convenience, we will divide this post into the following section:

Section 1 – An overview of the different modules of the course.

Section 2 – explanations about the main pros and cons.

Section 3 – Conclusions and important things you should remember before making a final decision…

Without further ado, let’s start 🙂


Kabbalah Manifestation SecretsWhat Exactly Is The Kabbalah Manifestation Secrets?

Created by Solomon Shane, an author and manifestation specialist, the “Kabbalah Manifestation Secrets” is an exhaustive and easy-to-understand course that will teach you exactly how to use the secrets of the Kabbalah to effortlessly transform your desires into physical reality.

The Kabbalah Manifestation Secrets consists of an Introduction, Module 1 (Keys To The Kingdom), Module 2 (As Above, So Below), Module 3 (How to Free Your Mind), and Module 4 (Manifestation Mastery). Each of these modules consists of a video, which has an audio and PDF transcriptions. The links of these files are found below the video, and at the end of each module, you will have to do certain assignments.

Below are more details about the different modules:


In the Introduction, you’ll find out the main ideas behind what Solomon Shane calls “practical Kabbalah” and how you can tweak it to manifest your desires and goals. In addition, he gives a quick discussion on the topics included in this course and your homework for the Introduction Lesson, which you’ll write in your “Manifestation Journal.”

Module 1

In Module 1, you’ll learn the following things:

How to use the “Vibrational Matching”, which is an ancient secret that will determine how your life will unfold and what you’re going to attract.

How the process of manifestation exactly works, which includes Solomon Shane’s personal experience on how this process worked for him.

A “magic key” that will allow abundance to flow into your life, as well as the right way to use it to break free from fear, low self-esteem, and self-doubt.

Module 2

In Module 2, you’ll learn the following things:

All about goals, which will serve as your target when you’re trying to manifest.

How to use the “Magic Wand Method” to discover your core purpose and deep inner longing.

Module 3

In Module 3, you’ll learn the following things:

“Vibrational Jailbreak Techniques” that will free you from your mental prison, so you can ascend to a higher level of reality. Thus, you’ll be able to manifest what you want better, with less effort.

“Astral Abundance Method” that will help you get into the right vibration to achieve abundance, joy, and success.

3 types of meditation, including one type of meditation that you should use to make everything work for you.

Module 4

In Module 4, you’ll learn the following things:

How to let go of all your inner resistance to abundance.

An ancient Egyptian secret for controlling and mastering yourself, including your emotions, to become a pro in manifesting.

“Release The Resistance Roadmap” that you can use whenever you want to release negativity inside of you and immediately feel confident, powerful, and wonderful.

“The Power of The Poles Process” that will help you create your own destiny.

“The Frequency Tuning Technique” that will enable you to read just your frequency to match with the frequency of what you want.

The Kabbalah Manifestation Secrets course also comes with two bonuses:

1. The “Affirmation Amplifier”- In this report, you’ll learn different things, such as how to reach deep within your subconscious mind, rewrite your Personal Tale, and start manifesting. Below the video presentation, there’s a download link for the “Affirmation Amplifier Cheatsheet.”

2. The “Pineal Gland Purification Process”– This will purify, open, and empower your Third Eye using a three-step process…

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Kabbalah Manifestation Secrets reviewThe Pros And Cons Of The Kabbalah Manifestation Secrets


The Pros


It’s Easy to Understand

Solomon Shane wrote everything in plain English. He organized his thoughts well, so it’s easy for you to follow the lessons. He discusses each lesson briefly and goes straight to the point.


Once you sign up for the Kabbalah Manifestation Secrets course, you’ll get your own profile. What we liked about the member area is it didn’t overwhelm us. It was easy to navigate because its design is simple and clean. It doesn’t include a barrage of information, irrelevant images, and unnecessary links.

Audio and PDF Transcriptions Available

It’s also great that Solomon Shane thought of transcribing each video into an eBook and audio. With these available, it’s easy for you to go through each lesson when viewing the videos is not possible. The quality of the eBook and audio is also great.

You Can Do It at Your Own Pace

You don’t have to watch the videos (3 hours long all in all), read the eBooks, or listen to the mp3 files all at once. Don’t rush yourself. Just focus on one lesson first. Read, understand, and apply (consistently) what you learned. Take as much time as you want.

60-Day Refund Guarantee

The Kabbalah Manifestation Secrets is covered by a sixty-day money back guarantee. You can simply email their friendly customer service support if you have questions or want to ask for a refund for any possible reason…


The Cons


Your Time And Effort Are Required

You don’t go through all modules in just one sitting. Solomon Shane didn’t design the Kabbalah Manifestation Secrets program that way. You need to read, understand, and apply what you learned in one module first before advancing to the next module. That would obviously require time, dedication, and effort from you.

It Doesn’t Give Results Overnight

It won’t make whatever you want to magically appear before you. There might be times when you’ll feel frustrated because it doesn’t seem to be working. Patience is the key to success, so please keep this in mind when following the lessons.

It’s an Online Course

You need a reliable internet connection to take advantage of the Kabbalah Manifestation Secrets. It’s composed of videos (non-downloadable), eBooks, and audio files (MP3 format). If you don’t like reading eBooks, you can always download and print them, if that’s what you prefer…


Solomon Shane KabbalahThe Bottom Line

Although the “manifestation market” is crowded, we still believe the Kabbalah Manifestation Secrets is worth checking out. This course offers some very interesting techniques and we really like how Solomon Shane organized everything.

Of course, there’s no guarantee you would manifest everything you want by using the techniques in this course, so set your expectations within reasonable levels.

On the other hand, if you’ve failed to get results from the Law of Attraction, or if you’re interested in a new approach to manifesting what you want in life (happiness, success, financial independence, etc.), then there is no doubt that the Kabbalah Manifestation Secrets is a great option for you.
What’s more, considering the 60-day money back guarantee that Solomon Shane offers, there is no risk giving his Kabbalah Manifestation Secrets a try…

Well, this is all we can say in this review. We hope you have found this post useful and wish you all the best!

Rita and Alex 🙂

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