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More than eight months were passed since we reviewed the Master Activator program and due to several reasons, such as negative user feedback and disappointing results, we will no longer recommend the Master Activator guide anymore.

You can still find below our original review that was published on March 2015. However, as we explained above, it is not accurate anymore.

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Master Activator Revolution

What Exactly Is The Master Activator Revolution?


Created by Galen White, a health researcher, Master Activator Revolution can be best described as a comprehensive and step-by-step book that reveals information about a little-known natural nutrient which can help you prevent or reverse minor and serious diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease and diabetes – without adverse effects.

Galen White claims that there are many lies surrounding mainstream medicine these days. One of these lies is the notion that most of the life-threatening diseases that modern men face today can only be cured with surgery or synthetic meds. No all-natural cure can make them go away, period.

Through his years of researching medical case studies, Galen found out that the reason why some races and individuals are free of these serious modern diseases is because they have more of this nutrient he called the Master Activator.

Why is it called that? Well, it’s because it helps our bodies to activate vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. So, if you’re deficient of the Master Activator, your body won’t be able to properly utilize these nutrients. For instance, without it, calcium won’t be deposited to your bones.

Without revealing too much, this specific nutrient is linked to vitamin K and its derivatives. Regarding the Master Activator Revolution program itself, here are some of the things you can expect to learn inside:

  • The various ways this nutrient enables your body to cure itself.
  • The exact amount of the Master Activator your body needs, including where to find it from natural sources.
  • Useful info on how you can use the Master Activator to manage different health issues, such as arthritis, varicose veins, osteoporosis, and even wrinkles.
  • How to find relief from, how to slow down, or even how to reverse serious illnesses.
  • You’ll also get a list of foods you should include in your current diet in order to increase the levels of the Master Activator in your body fast.

In addition to the Master Activator Revolution guide, Galen White also included two bonus items inside the package:

1. Master Activator: Best Brands – This free guide contains a compilation of the best inexpensive supplements that can boost the levels of the Master Activator.

2. Master Activator: Doctor’s Guide – If you’re a doctor, you’ll need this one. It was designed to help you understand everything about the Master Activator, and it contains all the proofs, clinical trials and medical studies related to this nutrient.

That’s just a bird’s eye view of the Master Activator Revolution system by Galen White. For more details about this guide and about the bonus items that come with it, please check the official site.

Now, let’s talk about the various pros and cons of Galen White’s program…

Master Activator Revolution review

The Pros And Cons Of “Master Activator Revolution”


The Pros


Facilitates Faster Healing Time

Consumer feedbacks suggest that the Master Activator does a great job of healing minor to more complicated health issues. For instance, we found some legit testimonials from people who claimed that just after few days of taking it, the Master Activator was able to heal their wounds, burns, and skin inflammatory disorders (e.g. rosacea). Others were able to strengthen their brittle bones just within a year.

Scientific Proofs Provided

Opinions are great for self-help books. However, when it comes to health guides like the Master Activator Revolution, evidence-based information is a must. Fortunately, medical studies and clinical trials are provided by Galen White.

Easy To Integrate To Your Daily Routine

The good news is you do NOT need to change your diet to benefit from the Master Activator Revolution. You can continue to eat the same foods, perform the same exercise regimen (if you have one), and take your usual dietary supplements. All you should do is just to add the Master Activator to your daily lifestyle.

Helps You Function Better Daily

From our research online it seems that most individuals who took the Master Activator experienced improved focus and thinking. They had lots of energy, but didn’t have strong sugar cravings.

Enhances Your Appearance – Naturally

For one, the Master Activator Revolution makes your nails healthier. Another significant benefit is that it gives you a beautiful smile because it promotes your teeth’s health, and according to many consumers also discourages and removes plaques around the teeth in just several days.

Availability Of A Two-Month Refund Guarantee

You can try out the Master Activator Revolution risk free for the next 60 days after your purchase, and if you don’t like it at all, you can ask Galen White for a full, no-questions-asked refund. Although we doubt you’ll need to do this, we personally believe that it is always a great advantage to have this kind of guarantee by your side…


The Cons


Collaborate With Your Doctor In Case You’re Under Medication

If you’re under medication, pregnant, or breastfeeding, please don’t make the mistake of completely ignoring medical advice. Instead of keeping your doctor under the dark, be sure to discuss the Master Activator Revolution program with him, so he can properly guide you.

Bold Claims

Well, we know that this is backed up by science and many have found success from taking it. However, we really doubt that the Master Activator is a “cure-all pill” like claimed on some websites we have seen online. It is always important to remember that people are different and because of that not everyone react the same when it comes to natural remedies.

No Hardcopies Available

So far, the Master Activator Revolution is available only in digital format. If you prefer leafing through an actual book, then you may want to skip this OR just to print out the entire guide by yourself…

Galen White Master Activator
The Bottom Line

Overall, we personally believe that the Master Activator Revolution is worth checking out. We haven’t really come across any negative reviews about it so far, and actually there are many things that we like about this guide.

Aside from providing scientific evidences, another thing that got us (and other users) interested with this health guide is the fact that it doesn’t involve drastic changes in your diet. You can treat the Master Activator and the foods required to boost its levels as add-ons.

Regarding the price, we think that it is pretty reasonable. It’s still within the normal price range for this kind of books and actually it can also help you reduced your dental expenses because one of the benefits of taking the Master Activator is whiter and healthier teeth, which is an important accessory for a beautiful smile…

With that said, Master Activator Revolution is not for everyone.

If you’re under medication or if you are pregnant for example, this guide may not be for you and we will recommend you to inform your doctor about this before following Galen White’s advice.

In addition, we must admit that some of the bold claims online about this product make us feel a bit uncomfortable. To be clear, we’re not saying that the Master Activator doesn’t work, however, keeping your expectations realistic and understanding that the results can vary are two things we believe you should keep in mind before purchasing this program.

All in all, if you have the money, if you’re tired of being told that there’s no natural cure for your ailment, or if you just want to improve your health, then the Master Activator Revolution is a great option for you.

This is a very interesting guide, and when we consider the big discount that Galen White offers right now and his 100% money back-guarantee promise, we absolutely believe that the Master Activator Revolution is worth checking out…

Well, that’s it for our Master Activator Revolution review. We hope that the information here was helpful for you and we wish you a healthy and happy life!

Rita and Alex

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