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In today’s post will review the Primal Body Detox program by Laura Fitzpatrick.

Our review will include 3 sections:

1. An informative section about the Primal Body Detox system, the way it works, its main concepts, etc.

2. A section that will talk about the pros and cons of this diet program.

3. A final section where we share our final thoughts about the program and explain the things you should remember before making your final decision.

Without further ado, let’s start 🙂


Primal Body Detox

What Exactly Is Primal Body Detox?


Created by Laura Fitzpatrick, a teacher who used to be overweight, “Primal Body Detox” is a comprehensive program that uses healthy and tasty green smoothies that are customized to your blood type (O, A, B, and AB) to help you lose up to 20 pounds in just 31 days.

Laura Fitzpatrick explains that the culprit behind people’s struggle with weight loss is a toxic substance called ricin, which is present in some of the foods we eat in the form of castor oil. This oil is a food preservative and an ingredient in soaps and perfumes.

How does ricin affect your weight? Well, Ricin is a type of lectin, a highly tough protein on some cells that’s able to attach to complex carbohydrates on other cells. Lectins can be good and bad. If you eat the right foods for your blood type, they can help you lose weight. Eat the wrong foods for your blood type and you’ll gain excess fats, especially in the stubborn areas of the body.

Here’s an overview of each blood type and their specific diet:

Type O (The Hunter-Gatherer)

A type O blood doesn’t have antigens, so people with this blood type are highly vulnerable to the damaging effects of lectins. They can digest red meat and animal-based fat better than other groups. However, they’re going to have a problem with modern foods, like carbs and soy, because they can cause them to pack on more weight.

Type A (The Farmer)

People with this blood type should avoid all pepper varieties because it would stop them from burning fat. But if they eat the right spices and herbs, which you’ll learn in the Primal Body Detox program, they can enhance their metabolism to lose weight.

Type B (The Nomad)

The Nomads should avoid foods that are rich in oleic acid, like avocados, because they can increase their weight, blood sugar, blood pressure, body fat, and triglycerides. They’re vulnerable to lectins, especially if they eat foods that are not historically part of their normal diet.

Type AB (The Modernist)

Type AB people should carefully choose the oils they consume. For instance, coconut oil can affect antigen receptors, preventing them to function properly.

How The Primal Body Detox System Works?

This program has two main phases: The Cleanse and The Repair Phase. Here is a short explanation about each phase:

The Cleanse Phase: For 10 days, you’ll get easy-to-prepare smoothie recipes customized to your specific blood group. Laura Fitzpatrick specified the exact ingredients you’ll need, as well as professional tips. You’ll also drink relaxing and metabolism-boosting herbal teas during this phase.

The Repair Phase: During this phase, you’ll follow a 21-day meal plan, which consists of recipes for breakfast smoothies, lunches, dinners, and snacks. These meals will help your body to repair itself, so you can lose as much as 20 pounds in just one month.

After you finish the second phase of this program, you’ll slowly go back into everyday eating using Laura Fitzpatrick’s effective strategies for maintaining your new healthy lifestyle.

To make everything as easy as possible, Laura Fitzpatrick gives you a comprehensive list of the foods you should eat and avoid. She categorized them into different food groups (poultry, grains, herbs, spices, and dairy) and used color legends (yellow for neutral, green for great, and red for avoid) to make it easy to follow the program. You’ll also learn how to neutralize naturally your favorite foods that aren’t compatible with your blood type.

It is also worth mentioning that aside from the main Primal Body Detox guide, Laura Fitzpatrick is offering two bonus reports:

1. The Primal Body Desserts
2. The Primal Body Fitness

These are the main things you’ll discover in the Primal Body Detox system. For more information about the main concepts of the program and the bonus items that Laura offers, please check the official website here.

Now, let’s go over the pros and cons of Laura Fitzpatrick’s detox program…


Primal Body Detox review

The Pros And Cons Of Primal Body Detox


The Pros


Clear And Organized

To avoid confusion and save time, Laura made sure each blood group has its own complete section. She also gave detailed instructions and used simple language, so there’s little chance of getting things wrong.

It’s Not a Starvation Diet

You don’t have to deprive or starve yourself just to lose weight. It will only further damage your metabolism and brain function, causing rebound weight gain. You can even still eat the foods you love (in reasonable amounts) that don’t fit your blood type. Laura Fitzpatrick believes that healthy eating is all about balance.

Great For Busy People

You don’t need special skills or have a lot of time to prepare these fat-busting smoothies. So, a busy schedule is definitely not an excuse to skip these weight-friendly smoothie recipes.

Laura Responds To Emails Fast

We tried contacting Laura Fitzpatrick at the email address she gave on the official website. And within 24 hours, she replied. (You can see the screenshot of her reply below.)

60 Days Money-Back Guarantee

The Primal Body Detox system is offered with a 60-day money back guarantee, which gives you enough time to take it on a “test drive” without any risk. If you’re not happy with this weight loss program for any reason, you can simply contact Laura and ask her for a full refund…


The Cons


Results Can Differ

In all honesty, you may not lose 20 pounds in 31 days and it may take more than a month to see significant results. After all, we are all different and the time it will take you to see results depends on several factors.

Our recommendation will be to keep your expectations realistic and stick to Laura Fitzpatrick’s directions to the letter for at least 4 weeks before making conclusions about the effectiveness of the program.

Don’t Start It Without Knowing Your Blood Type

This should not be a problem for most people; however, it is important to say that before you could start this program, you have to know your blood type. If you don’t know your blood type yet, you can buy a blood type kit online at Amazon. These kits usually cost between $6 and $16.

There’s No Hard-Copy Available

The Primal Body Detox guide and the two bonuses are PDFs. If you prefer physical books, printing everything will be your only option because Laura Fitzpatrick doesn’t offer a hard-copy version yet…


Laura Fitzpatrick Primal BodyThe Bottom Line

Overall, we believe the Primal Body Detox system would be a great option for people with weight problems that want to stay healthy. It’s easy to follow, the smoothie recipes are yummy, and there is no reason why it won’t help you lose at least a few pounds and improve your overall health.

We must admit that we were impressed with Laura’s fast response to our email. Most authors or sellers online would take forever to reply, or they don’t reply at all. This fact alone would make us try out her blood-type dieting program.

Of course, the Primal Body Detox program is not perfect, and it is important to say that the popular blood-type diet lacks solid scientific evidences to prove that it works. We suggest you talk to your doctor before following this diet, especially if you have a serious health problem.

To sum it up: If you’re looking for a “quick fix” or if you suspect your weight problem is due to an illness, then the Primal Body Detox program might not be for you.

On the other hand, if you have tried almost all programs or strategies for losing weight, if you have a busy schedule, or if you simply want to enjoy tasty and healthy smoothies, then Laura Fitzpatrick’s Primal Body Detox system is a great option for you.

Moreover, with Laura’s generous money back guarantee, you can easily take the program on a “test drive” for a couple of weeks without any risk…

Well, this is everything we can say about Primal Body Detox. We hope this helped you and wish you the best!

Rita and Alex 🙂

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