Reiki Healing TechniquesPeople suffering with emotional baggage and/or those who seek spiritual growth will benefit greatly from Reiki healing techniques. In fact, this ancient Japanese art has been shown to be a superior method for restoring emotional well-being.

Reiki restores emotional balance so that healing can begin and its effectiveness is indisputable as it has been used for decades to help people suffering from emotional trauma live a better quality of life.

Emotional healing is extremely important because the health of your emotions underpins the balance of your health. Your emotions affect your ability to relate to others, and they color your every thought and action. No matter how much you may try to repress emotions, the fact is they are always present and always have an effect on your life.

To get a good start on using Reiki healing techniques for emotional healing, you should start out with a well qualified 1st or 2nd degree Reiki practitioner. This is especially true if your problems are very deep seated. Following this, you may be able to use self healing techniques; however, initially it is important that a skilled and trained practitioner give you an attunement ceremony to get you start on the right foot.

The attunement ceremony teaches you how to connect successfully with the Source of Universal Energy. When you have had your attunement and taken a few lessons, you can perform Reiki self healing.

Below are some pointers on how to do this.

Reiki Self Healing In Six Steps

1. Begin by drawing the 1st & 2nd Reiki Symbols. These are Cho Ku Rei first and then Sei Hei Ki.

2. Focus on your emotional problem. If your concerns are multiple, select one to focus on for this session. Use visualization to bring the problem to mind. Once you have envisioned your emotional problem, stop the image in your mind’s eye. Edit the image by removing the color from it. Turn it into a black and white image with shades of gray.

3. With the image in this black and white state, begin making the changes you want to see in the image. Create an alternative image and outcome for this traumatic event.

4. Hold the new and improved image in your mind’s eye and gradually “colorize” it to make it real. Focus on the altered image until it has completely replaced the old image in your thoughts and your mind.

5. While focusing on the image, create a couple of affirmations you can repeat to yourself to call this image into focus whenever you need to. These should be positive statements that affirm the positive changes you have made in this image.

6. Hold your hands slightly in front of your forehead – not touching your forehead. By doing this, you are channeling energy into your 3rd eye Chakra. Repeat your affirmations to yourself. Continue doing so until you are ready to move forward. Move your hands down over your heart chakra and continue repeating your affirmations.

Continue to move your hands gradually down your torso to address each chakra as you repeat your affirmations. When you are done, simply rest and allow the healing to “soak in”.

Practiced correctly and regularly, Reiki healing techniques can have lasting results and convey many benefits. Reiki healing restores your body’s ability to heal itself and to ward off disease and infection. It helps your body become strong and able to face the stresses and traumas of everyday modern living. Reiki healing is a simple, effective, natural practice that can be used safely on any living thing.

If reiki healing techniques is something that interest you and you are looking for a complete reiki healing course that can help you master reiki fast and easily then there are some great courses online that can help you achieve this goal.

Take a look at our review on the Usui Reiki Healing Master course or Pure Reiki Healing Mastery for two great options.

We hope that these tips will help you to master reiki very soon!

All the best

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