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Today we will review the Shoulder Flexibility Solution by Eric Wong. We will start with a general section about the main components of the program and its major routines, continue with a detailed section about the pros and cons, and then explain all the things which we think you must understand about Eric Wong’s system before making your final decision.

Without further ado, let’s start 🙂

Shoulder Flexibility Solution

What Exactly Is The Shoulder Flexibility Solution?


Created by Eric Wong, a professional fighter and strength and conditioning coach, the Shoulder Flexibility Solution offers a 6-step solution that would help you loosen tight shoulder muscles in order to enhance your movement and flexibility.

Eric says static stretching is useless, especially in the long term. According to him, the downsides of static stretching are: They offer a temporary solution, they are potentially damaging to connective tissues, and they simply don’t improve a person’s range of motion.

In order to help people get much better results than simply following static stretching, Eric introduces his “3D Flexibility System”, which he divides into three components: Soft Tissue (Muscle, Fascia, and Joint Capsule), Neuromascular (Control, Reflexes, and Pain Tolerance), and Strength (Joint Stabilizer, Core, and Prime Mover).

More specifically, the Shoulder Flexibility Solution works through a 6-step process:

  • The first step will mobilize your joints, including the fibrous connective tissue surrounding your knee, to promote better flexibility.
  • The second step addresses problems involving connective tissues that have become fibrous and dense, which prevent the circulation of blood and nutrients that would promote proper healing and growth.
  • The third step focuses on stopping the activation of muscles that shouldn’t be in use in order to ease muscle tightness.
  • The fourth step will help you strengthen the muscles in order to maintain their length and promote greater flexibility.
  • The fifth step focuses on stabilizing the muscles involved in joint movement.
  • The sixth step would make sure the flexibility you gained in the previous steps is hard-wired into your muscular and nervous systems.

It is also important to say that inside the Shoulder Flexibility Solution program you’ll find six routines that come in PDF and video formats:

Routine #1 will help you release tight muscles, so you won’t have a hard time touching your hands behind your back, which is abnormal and could signal certain body issues.

Routine #2 will solve forward head posture, which could affect your health negatively.

Routine #3 focuses on the shoulders, core muscles, and thoracic spine (upper back) to increase your overhead reach and flexibility.

Routine #4 fixes rounded shoulders in order to avoid spinal disc changes, upper back pain, and breathing problems.

Routine #5 will help you fix abnormal projection of the shoulder blade.

Routine #6 precedes your main workout routine. This will maximize your shoulder mobility, so you can perform those intense workouts safely and effortlessly.

Eric Wong also provides an implementation guide that will teach you how to evaluate the status of your shoulder flexibility and the specific routines you need to do or postpone.

This is just a general overview of the Shoulder Flexibility Solution. For more information about the main components and the 6-step process you can also click here.

Now, let’s talk about the various pros and cons of this program…

Shoulder Flexibility Solution program review

The Pros And Cons Of The Shoulder Flexibility Solution


The Pros


Effortless To Implement

Since Eric Wong provided follow-along videos and an implementation guide, the tests and routines described in the Shoulder Flexibility Solution program are not that hard to do.

In general, the tests will help you identify the specific routines you should and shouldn’t perform to maximize your results.

Eases Shoulder Pain

Based on customers’ testimonials we have found online, it seems that the Shoulder Flexibility Solution can significantly reduce the shoulder pain in as fast as four weeks. This is a great alternative if you don’t want to undergo surgery (if advised) and painkillers, like opioids and NSAIDs, which have minor to serious side effects when taken regularly or for prolonged periods.

Improves The Quality Of Your Life

With the Shoulder Flexibility Solution you will be able to perform your daily activities without worrying about limited range of motion. If you keep using these routines for four weeks and more, it won’t be surprising if you’re completely free from pain due to tight shoulders and have improved your posture for good.

Doesn’t Take Up Time

Everyday you need to perform one routine, which takes around fifteen minutes to do. We don’t think fifteen minutes would be time consuming, especially if you’ve been suffering from neck, back, and shoulder pain for so long.

12-Month Full Refund Guarantee

This is definitely incredible, at least for us. Not all authors allow consumers to ask for a refund within one year, and almost all similar products online come with a maximum of one or two month money back guarantee.

In simple words, if the Shoulder Flexibility Solution doesn’t meet your expectations, you can simply ask Eric Wong for a refund within one year…


The Cons


Consistency In Implementation

If you want significant results in a short span of time, you need to do follow the Shoulder Flexibility Solution routines for 15 minutes every single day. Probably, there would be times when you’re not in the mood to do anything. That’s why you need to have the drive and discipline to do these routines six days a week.

If you are a lazy person, this program is probably not for you.

The Program Is Entirely Digital

All the materials in the Shoulder Flexibility Solution come in PDF or video formats. We think this is convenient, but not everyone prefers reading eBooks. In addition, people with poor internet connection may also have a hard time downloading or streaming the HD videos.

We hope that Eric Wong will offer the option to order a physical copy of his program in the future, so people who are not fans of digital products will be able to take advantage of his Shoulder Flexibility Solution program as well.

Slightly Expensive

We must admit that the Shoulder Flexibility Solution is relatively pricey when compared to similar programs on the market. However, if we think about the long-term benefits of the program and about all the material that Eric Wong offers inside the different components, we do believe that it’s worth the money.

Besides, just think about how much you are spending on painkillers, physical therapy, and/or workouts that provide only temporary relief. When compared to these solutions, the Shoulder Flexibility Solution is much more affordable…

eric wong Shoulder Flexibility SolutionThe Bottom Line

So, is the Shoulder Flexibility Solution worth your time and money?

Well, the first benefit of purchasing this product is you’ll have a better understanding of why your shoulders are painful and what you can do to fix this issue. By week two, for instance, you’ll notice your shoulder movements are more fluid and causes less pain. No, this program doesn’t provide overnight results, but we do believe it offers a long-term solution within a reasonable span of time.

Admittedly, there are many free resources available online about this subject. That’s good. However, they don’t normally go into details on how to resolve shoulder tightness. The opposite is true with the Shoulder Flexibility Solution. It’s comprehensive, easy to understand, and doable.

Another great thing about this program is that only a few of the routines require equipment. Most of the time you’re just going to use your bodyweight, and each routine only takes approximately fifteen minutes to do.

In addition, have you heard of a one-year refund guarantee for a digital product? This is definitely a rare offer, and something that implies about the confidence Eric Wong has in his program. We believe you don’t need a year to prove if the Shoulder Flexibility Solution is worth it or not, and this guarantee can absolutely give you a peace of mind.

Of course, The Shoulder Flexibility Solution is not foolproof. Firstly, you have to do each routine everyday for six days even if you’re tired or not in the mood. This is crucial if you really want to experience dramatic results.

In addition, it can be quite disappointing for some people to find that physical edition is not available for purchase yet.

In general, if you’re looking for an overnight solution or expecting to get dramatic results while exerting minimal effort, then the Shoulder Flexibility Solution may not be for you.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a long-term solution to painful tight shoulders, if you’ve tried almost all conventional treatments without getting results, or if you simply don’t want to undergo surgery or take pain meds, then the Shoulder Flexibility Solution is a great option for you.

Moreover, with the one-year refund guarantee from Eric Wong, we seriously believe that there is nothing to lose when giving the Shoulder Flexibility Solution a try…

Well, we hope that this review was useful to you and truly hope that this program will be the answer you’ve been looking for to free yourself from tight shoulder muscles for good… All the best!

Rita and Alex 🙂

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