If you heard about the Epic Soccer Training system by Matt Smith and you want to understand if this soccer training program can really help you to improve your soccer game then today’s post is for you.

At this Epic Soccer Training review we are going to take an in depth look at the basics of the program, at the things that Matt Smith offers inside and at the most important pros & cons of the Epic Soccer Training system which will help understand if you should really invest in this training program or not.

Before we start we just want to mention one important thing: These days it seems that several websites try to sell the Epic Soccer Training program at a higher price than what it should be. If you want to get this soccer training program at the cheapest price available and with full money-back guarantee we will highly recommend you getting it only from the Official Epic Soccer Training Site and not from any other place…

OK, now let’s begin and talk about the basics of the Epic Soccer Training System and understand what Matt Smith’s system is all about.


Epic Soccer Training systemWhat Exactly Is Epic Soccer Training?

Created by Matt Smith, a former professional soccer player who has over two decades of experience in teaching others how to improve their soccer skills, the Epic Soccer Training System can be best described as a comprehensive program that will reveal to you how you can greatly boost your soccer IQ and moves to pro level.

This program was specifically designed for individuals, not coaches, and it comes with more than 75 pages of PDF workbook and 4 modules, which are composed of 10 to 21 short video clips per module. Each video can last anywhere between 3 minutes to 10 minutes, or a total of 5 hours of training videos.

Inside his video tutorials and main guide Matt Smith covers lots of topics in details which include, among others, some of the most effective ways to train in order to get faster results, the best moves to beat even the best defenders, the top 3 mistakes majority of soccer players commit and the right shooting angles to get pass the goal keeper.

Aside from the Epic Soccer Training main program, Matt Smith also offers four bonus items to ensure that you reach your maximum potential. These bonus items are the following:


  • The Epic Soccer Fitness Guide – Here you will mainly learn how to do interval training to whip your body into the best game shape five times faster than usual.
  • The Epic Soccer Nutrition Guide – This guide covers different foods that you should eat and avoid before a game in order to help speed up your recovery. You’ll also learn in this guide the number one drink (it’s not your usual sports drink) that will help you restore proper body electrolyte balance.
  • The Epic Soccer Training Vault – This component will reveal to you some of the most superior soccer techniques and moves to boost your skills to professional level. Not only that, this bonus will give you access to exclusive video classroom sessions.
  • Personal Email Coaching – This is probably the most valuable bonus item that Matt Smith provides and here you will get a full year of one-on-one email coaching from no one else but him. So, if you feel stuck or have any soccer-related questions, you can just drop him an email to help yourself stay on track.


Well, that was a basic overview of the Epic Soccer Training program. Now, let’s go over to the most important part of this review and talk about the different pros and cons of Matt Smith’s Soccer Training program.

Epic Soccer Training ReviewThe Pros And Cons Of The Epic Soccer Training System


The Pros


Provides Wealth Of Information For Affordable Price

The Epic Soccer Training System is very comprehensive and some users say that the videos alone well justify the price of this product.

Each module has more than an hour’s worth of training videos that feature Matt Smith himself showing you how to improve your skills in soccer and increase your soccer I.Q. to pro level, and in addition you also get an in-depth PDF workbook, several bonus items and a chance to be personally coached by Matt Smith via email for free, which really make the Epic Soccer Training program much more affordable than almost any other soccer training program out there.

All The Techniques Are Demonstrated By Matt Smith Himself

We couldn’t stress enough of the importance that tricks and techniques are executed by someone who’s truly skilled in the game of soccer. And fortunately for potential clients, Matt Smith is a pro soccer player who has 20 years of experience in teaching this sport.

In his program he cleanly and skillfully demonstrates all the simple to complex techniques to ensure that you understand everything perfectly in order to improve your own soccer skills fast and safely.

Most Drills And Exercises Can Be Performed Without A Partner

Around 90-percent of the methods and drills provided and demonstrated by Matt Smith inside his program can be executed without the assistance of another person.

This is another great advantage of the Epic Soccer Training program because you don’t have to be in a team environment or tire yourself with finding the right training partner, who’s as motivated and dependable as you, in order to enjoy the full benefits of this training program.

A Perfect Resource For Individuals Who Don’t Like Reading A Lot

As we mentioned before, the Epic Soccer Training system is one of the most comprehensive programs out there and it really covers everything you need to know to improve your soccer skills – from improving your fitness to nutrition and down to the most advanced and effective techniques.

However, what’s even better is that you don’t have to spend lots of time reading everything. The workbook included in the package constantly refers back to the training videos provided, so you don’t have to spend a ton of your time on reading the entire program.

The Epic Soccer Training is basically summarized in the five hours’ worth of videos included in the package which make everything much easier to understand and to follow.

Take Advantage Of A Risk Free Money-Back Guarantee

Matt Smith is very confident that his program will help you improve your soccer game dramatically and because of that he offers superb money back guarantee.

If you feel that this program didn’t do anything at all to improve your game you can feel free to ask for a full refund of your money within 60 days and to get every penny back.

This guarantee from Matt Smith makes his soccer training program risk-free, which is of course another very important advantage.


The Cons


The Training Videos Are Not Downloadable

Well, there’s no question that the videos provided are packed with great information. The only downside that you may face is that the videos can’t be downloaded to your smartphone, personal computer, laptop or other compatible gadgets to watch them offline, and all of them are only viewable via the Internet.

We guess that Matt Smith doing that in order to protect his videos from getting stolen.

Not Made For Soccer Coaches

If you’re a soccer coach looking for a great material to help you do your job better, then you’d better skip this product. Matt Smith created the Epic Soccer Training with soccer “players” in mind and it is not the right program for other purposes.

The Epic Soccer Training System Is A Digital Product

As what was previously mentioned, the Epic Soccer Training program by Matt Smith is available in PDF and video formats online only. If you’re not entirely comfortable reading eBooks you can print the entire program for your convenience.

Matt Smith Epic Soccer TrainingThe Bottom Line

Overall, the Epic Soccer Training system by Matt Smith is a very impressive training program that contains lots and lots of valuable information that any newbie or seasoned soccer player could take advantage of.

What we really like about this soccer training program is that it offers amazing value for your money and for a relatively low price you’ll get instant access to 5 hours’ worth of video tutorials, full workbook, email coaching from Matt himself for a year and several useful bonuses that will help you to improve your skills and moves in soccer dramatically.

In addition, the fact that you don’t even have to find a reliable training partner just to execute most of the lessons is also a huge advantage.

With that said, the Epic Soccer Training system is not for everyone.

If you plan just to buy this training program and to “magically” become a better soccer player then the Epic Soccer Training may not be for you. You must understand that you have to put into constant practice whatever you’ll learn from this program and if you lack the right mindset and self-confidence, then you’ll most likely have a hard time reaching your full soccer potential.

On the other hand, if you think that you have the right mindset and you are looking for a soccer training program that was created by a real professional and really covers all you have to know in order to improve your soccer skills, then the Epic Soccer Training system is probably the most affordable program you will find on the market these days.

Moreover, the fact that Matt Smith stands by his friendly 60-day guarantee ensures that if you didn’t get the results you want you can receive a full refund with no questions asked, so actually you have really nothing to lose…

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That’s it. We really hope that our Epic Soccer Training review was helpful for you and we wish you all the best!