If you heard about FroKNowsPhoto Go Above And Beyond Auto by Jared Polin and you try to understand if this photography course is the right choice for you then keep reading and find all you should know about Jared Polin’s course before making any decision.

On this FroKNowsPhoto Go Above And Beyond Auto review we will try to provide you with all the details we believe you need to know about this course, including the basics of it, the things you will find inside and the pros and cons of it compared to other photography courses online.

Firstly, let’s understand what the FroKNowsPhoto: Go Above And Beyond Auto course is all about…


FroKNowsPhoto Go Above And BeyondWhat Exactly Is FroKNowsPhoto: Go Above And Beyond Auto?

Created by Jared Polin, a popular pro photographer and creator of the FroKnowsPhoto.com site, FroKNowsPhoto Go Above And Beyond Auto can be best described as a complete video course that teaches everything about photography, from creating professional-looking and creative photos to knowing which camera lenses to use and down to tips on how to sell your photography.

Jared Polin says that whether you’re a newbie, mid-experienced, or seasoned photographer, his course contains valuable information that will help you boost your knowledge and skills in photography.

In few words, here are some of the main topics that you’ll learn inside the FroKNowsPhoto: Go Above And Beyond Auto course:


  • How to make backgrounds look blurred by using only basic kit lens and focal length techniques.
  • Lots of tips and information about exposure triangle.
  • The different shooting modes of your DSLR camera and when you should use each one of them.
  • Tips on how to better control a camera’s light meter.
  • How to choose and identify quality lenses, which don’t always include expensive ones.
  • Understand the critical role and effect of ISO.
  • Some shutter speed techniques to avoid over or under exposure of your images.
  • An overview of the uses and functions of your camera.
  • The composition that will help you capture high-quality pictures.
  • How to experience the world around you in the eyes of a real photographer.


Basically, Jared Polin’s course contains several components and the most important one of them is a 3-hour photography video tutorial that contains all the things mentioned above and more. In addition to the main course, Jared also includes a free 20-minute video that features him presenting a five-year plan for beginner photographers. This video will show you the ropes of setting up your own photography businesses.

Furthermore, Jared Polin also gives important information about marketing techniques to help young photographers stand out and sell their photography faster, as well as some other general tips that every photographer may find helpful.

This is just a glimpse of what you can expect from the FroKNowsPhoto Go Above And Beyond Auto course by Jared Polin. Now, let’s go over the various pros and cons of this course to help you decide whether this is really for you or not…

Jared Polin FroKNowsPhotoThe Pros And Cons Of FroKNowsPhoto Go Above And Beyond Auto


The Pros


Straight To The Point Lessons

One thing that we can say about this photography course is that it is not filled with fluff information. Everything is helpful and important, and we also like that Jared Polin explains every lesson clearly and goes directly to the point to avoid boring out his viewers.

It Will Take You To Jared’s World

It’s simply great that FroKNowsPhoto: Go Above And Beyond Auto is presented in video format, which we think makes it easier to grasp the lessons. However, one of the main reasons we love this course is because it lets you get into Jared’s world and see what he sees.

For a relatively low price you get to learn some of his most effective photography techniques, most creative ideas and unconventional style which will surely benefit newbie to seasoned photographers.

The Lessons Are Set In A Logical Order

Jared Polin arranged each lesson from basic to complex, so it’s easy to follow and execute by a wide variety of photographers. For instance, he starts with the basics of DSLR cameras and then goes on to simply explain some common photography jargons, like shutter speed and ISO.

Contains Helpful Tips To Market Your Photography

If photography is just a hobby for you, that’s great. But what if you plan to make it a full-time business? Well, the FroKNowsPhoto Go Above And Beyond Auto course also covers this topic and inside his 20-minute bonus tutorial video Jared Polin introduces a five-year plan for beginners, valuable marketing strategies and tips on how to sell their works, which we personally found to be very impressive.

Available In Two Formats

Unlike other photography products online that are only sold in digital format, the FroKNowsPhoto: Go Above And Beyond Auto course is available in both digital format and physical DVD and DATA disc (with free shipping).

Backed Up By A Two-Month Guarantee

Jared Polin has full confidence with his course and that is why he’s willing to give back all your money within 60 days if you’re not satisfied with the lessons you get. Although we think you won’t need this, we personally believe that it is another great advantage.


The Cons


Available Only In One Language

If you’re someone who can read and speak English this is not going to be a problem for you. It’s going to be a major loss for those who don’t understand the said language.

Could Use More Editing

The FroKNowsPhoto Go Above And Beyond Auto course is packed with helpful information, however, we think that the way it is presented could have been better.

Shipping And Restocking Fees

In case you choose the DVD version and need to return it, you’ll have to shoulder the fees involved with shipping and restocking. If you want to avoid this issue, the digital version is a better option for you.


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FroKNowsPhoto Go Above And Beyond reviewThe Bottom Line

We personally believe that FroKNowsPhoto: Go Above And Beyond Auto is a great product to have for any type of photographer. If you’re fairly experienced in photography, this will surely help you improve your skills and boost your knowledge, and if you’re just a beginner, the more this will be a valuable resource for you.

We really love the fact that this course comes in a video format. This format makes it easier to understand the lessons because it’s being demonstrated live and Jared’s audience is also able to see him taking real examples, and then show the before and after of each image using various photography tricks which is really great.

In addition, all the lessons are arranged in a logical sequence, so they’re easy for the viewers to follow and grasp. Common photography terms and DSLR camera basics are also tackled, so beginners will not get lost in the lessons. Plus, Jared Polin explains everything straight to the point.

With that said, the FroKNowsPhoto Go Above And Beyond Auto course is not for everyone.

If you don’t speak or understand English, the FroKNowsPhoto: Go Above And Beyond Auto, as well as the bonus tutorial video, is not for you. In addition, if you are looking for a course that covers only the basics then there are some cheaper options for you online and in this case we won’t recommend you getting the FroKNowsPhoto Go Above And Beyond Auto course.

On the other hand, if you’re tired of having average photography skills, if you want to take creative and stunning images and if you simply want to know how to always capture high-quality images on your own then the FroKNowsPhoto Go Above And Beyond Auto is a great option for you.

It may be a bit pricey for some, but if you consider everything you’ll get, this course is actually a great investment. Moreover, with the 60-day money back guarantee from Jared Polin you have really nothing to lose…

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This is it for our review of the FroKNowsPhoto Go Above And Beyond Auto course. We really hope that you find the information here useful and we wish you the best!

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