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Today we will review The Lost Ways II book by Claude Davis. We will start with a detailed section about the book itself and the information that is shared inside, continue with a discussion about the pros and cons, and in the last part mention a few more things that will help you decide if this survival guide is really for you.

First, let’s understand what The Lost Ways 2 is all about…


the lost ways second editionWhat Exactly Is “The Lost Ways (Second Edition)”?

Created by Claude Davis, an author and a survival expert, “The Lost Ways 2” is a 300-page book that shares lots of information and focuses on an ancient superfood that will keep you and your family well fed during times of famine or food shortage.

Claude Davis explains that over 600 years ago, the Incas stored this superfood in pit holes for years and ate it all year round. Today, NASA astronauts have this during their month-long space missions.

Claude also talks a lot about two other inexpensive superfoods in The Lost Ways 2 guide. The first superfood is known as the “samurai superfood.” This superfood, which was supposedly invented by a vicious samurai, is packed with nutrients and probiotics (which will supply your body, specifically your digestive system, with “good” bacteria). The second superfood is known as the “great depression superfood.” This superfood will supposedly last for up to two years without refrigeration.

Here are other things you’ll learn in The Lost Ways 2 book”:

How to find and use ordinary plants, which you may already have in your backyard, for treating different ailments.

Using colored images, you’ll learn how to safely and easily find the plants you need to treat heart issues, infections, diabetes, and other ailments.

You will discover three pain-killing plants that a Cherokee Indian taught Claude.

Mr. Davis will also teach you how to take full advantage of plants that contain powerful antibacterial properties.

A lost method to build your own log cabin, where you can live during a crisis or as a vacation home.

You’ll also find out how the Wild West pioneers hunted deer and treated their skins and hides to make leather without using chemicals. Plus, you’ll learn how to use each body part of the deer to make tools, such as a knife handle, bow string, and even a needle.

An ingenious technique for digging a well fast and with minimal effort is also included.

The old-fashioned way to get the highest purity charcoal, as well as how to turn it into an activated charcoal.

You’ll receive instructions on how to use the activated charcoal in creating a dependable and simple water filter, which could clean 800 gallons of water.

Claude Davis also shares his own techniques on making activated charcoal pills, which you could use whenever you have indigestion, gas, and high bad cholesterol levels.

How to build your own gas mask using one pound of activated charcoal, and a lot more…

The Lost Ways book (Second Edition) also comes with these two bonus reports:

1. “How to Become Self-Sufficient On 4 Acres of Land” – If you plan to have a self-sufficient farm, this report is for you. It will show you how to split your land into smaller segments, so you can take full advantage of it. You’ll also learn food preservation, home safety and security tips, rainwater purification and storage, creating a small medicinal garden, and living without electricity.

2. “What Do You Need to Have Ready Before An EMP” – This report shares 43 things that you must have in advance before an EMP attack.

These are some of the main things you can expect to learn from The Lost Ways 2 book. Please check this page for more details about the guide and the two bonus reports that Claude Davis offers with it.

Now, let’s continue to the next section and talk about the pros and cons…


the lost ways 2The Pros and Cons of “The Lost Ways (Second Edition)”


The Pros


Contains Vital Information That Will Help You Survive and Thrive During a Crisis

More than your attitude, Claude Davis believes that the first important survival tool is knowledge. And that’s what this book, including the free reports, is going to give you.

It’s Doable and Practical

The great thing about this book is it offers techniques, tips, and other information that have been proven effective and will allow you to be self-sufficient without draining your bank account. Some of the tools and foods shared in this guide are readily available, and you might even get some of them for free.

Fast and Helpful Customer Service Representatives

We liked how fast their customer service representative – his name is Andriy Kobin – answered our emails. (You can see the screenshots of his replies here.) This somehow eased some of our worries because if ever we have concerns that need immediate attention, they have someone to assist us fast.

Claude is a Real Person… and Survival Expert

Claude has a wife and two children. They’re living in a log cabin that he built. Interestingly, their clothes are all handmade. Well, if you’re interested to know him better, you can read his interview by Alec Deacon of Survivopedia.com.

Claude Backs It Up with a Refund Guarantee

You have two months to go through The Lost Ways II and the bonus reports and apply Claude Davis’ techniques. If you’re not happy for whatever reason, you can contact his customer service team anytime to ask for a full refund.

In simple words, this decent guarantee makes The Lost Ways 2 book a risk-free purchase…


The Cons


You’ll Shoulder the Shipping & Handling Fee

The Lost Ways II is offered for sale in three editions: Digital edition, Physical edition, and digital + physical edition.

If you choose the physical edition or digital + physical edition, you’re going to pay extra $8.99 for the shipping and handling.

You Need to Invest Time and Effort

Your money would go to waste if you’re not going to finish reading this and apply Claude’s tips and technique in your life. If you know you don’t have time to read a 300-page book, or if you don’t follow through on things, then you might want to skip this one.


the lost ways II reviewThe Bottom Line

If you’re planning to go off-grid or just want to be prepared for any crisis, there is no doubt The Lost Ways II is a great book to have. It contains practical, useful, and interesting information, and the best thing about it is it’s going to teach you self-sufficiency without requiring a lot of money.

It’s not for everyone, though. If you’re lazy and don’t follow through on things, or if you are looking for a cheap survival guide that contains only some general tips, then The Lost Ways 2 might not be for you.

On the other hand, if you want to make sure you could protect and provide food for you and your family during a disaster, if you are looking for a detailed guide that was written by a real expert, or if you’re interested to go off-the-grid and leave the busy city life, then “The Lost Ways II is a great option to consider.

Anyway, there’s a 60-day refund guarantee in place if you’re not happy with it, so we believe there is nothing to lose here…

Well, that’s our review of The Lost Ways (Second Edition). We hope this was helpful and wish you all the best!

Rita and Alex 🙂

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