If you heard about the Gaia’s Protocol by Kevin Richardson and you try to understand if this guide can really help you personally or not, then we invite you to stay with us for a couple of minutes and to learn all you should know about this natural treatment program.

On this Gaia’s Protocol review we will cover the main things that you should know about Kevin Richardson’s guide, provide you with easy-to-understand explanations about it, and focus on the different pros and cons which we believe will help you make a final decision.

Let’s start with some basic details and firstly understand what the Gaia’s Protocol is all about…

Gaia's ProtocolWhat Exactly Is The Gaia’s Protocol?

Created by Kevin Richardson, a natural health practitioner and an independent natural health researcher, “Gaia’s Protocol” can be best described as a breakthrough step-by-step guide that reveals detailed instructions on how to oxygenate your cells and tissues in order to remove harmful microorganisms and toxic substances from your body, so you can boost your immunity and overall health.

According to Kevin Richardson, the secret to curing many modern-day illnesses, like clogged arteries and cancer, is oxygen therapy. The extra oxygen will help you become more energetic and capable of fighting disease-causing microorganisms.

Kevin explains that unlike other types of oxygen therapy methods, the Gaia’s Protocol will show you step-by-step how to deliver good quality oxygen to your body tissues and cells, not just to your blood. To get a better idea, here are some of the main things you’ll learn inside the Gaia’s Protocol guide:


  • How to create your oxygenating bath at home to cure illnesses, like eczema and fungal infections.
  • Two crucial dietary supplements that you need to create an oxygen-filled environment for your body cells.
  • A particular golden honey that’s rich in oxygen water.
  • A technique that will combat free radicals to slow the process of aging.
  • The exact ways to efficiently deliver oxygen to your body cells and tissues.
  • How to increase the supply of clean and healthy oxygen inside your home.
  • Different foods that contain certain vitamins, which are proven to effectively oxygenate your cells.
  • A simple and non-strenuous 15-minute exercise that will help your lymphatic system get rid of toxins from the body.
  • A special oxygen therapy technique that can help heal brain, fibromyalgia, stroke-induced paralysis and autism.
  • A 16-Day Dosing Chart you can use to make oxygen therapy at the comforts of your home.
  • Oxygen-boosting foods that will help build strong bones, especially among teenagers.
  • A breathing technique that will increase your oxygen intake.
  • 21 kinds of medically approved ailments, which can be treated using oxygen therapy and reimbursed by your insurance company.


Aside from the main Gaia’s Protocol book, Kevin Richardson also offers a bonus guide called “The Oxygen Diet.” This guide was designed to be used as a complement to the Gaia’s Protocol, and inside you’ll get hold of various recipes that are not only tasty but also healing.

That was, in brief, the main things that you can expect to learn inside the Gaia’s Protocol guide. For more details about the main manual, about the bonus guide, and about Kevin Richardson’s research, please check the following page.

Now, to help you decide if Kevin Richardson’s treatment program is really for you or not, let’s talk about its different pros and cons…

Gaia's Protocol review
The Pros and Cons of Gaia’s Protocol


The Pros


Many Potential Uses

You don’t have to suffer from a serious illness to benefit from oxygen therapy. If you suffer from a migraine or a headache, for instance, you can use it to find relief. But speaking of serious illness, many oxygen therapy advocates, including Kevin Richardson, believe that it’s a potential cure for cancer, AIDS, autism and other serious diseases.

The logic behind why it works is really simple. Our body is two-thirds water, which is eight-ninths oxygen by weight. Thus, our bodies are composed roughly of 60-percent oxygen. And all biological processes, like the conversion of food into energy, need oxygen. To treat illnesses and optimize our health, we then need to supply our bodies with clean oxygen.

Extensive Food Recipe Selections

Kevin Richardson wants to save you from boredom due to eating the same foods every single day, and as a result, he offers a bonus report for each one of his customers that solely focuses on different recipes using affordable and nutritious ingredients that are known to oxygenate the cells.

This bonus guide makes it much easier to follow all the methods by Kevin Richardson inside his Gaia’s Protocol guide.

Simple to Follow

It’s obvious that The Gaia’s Protocol was written with the layperson in mind. You won’t encounter complicated terms or industry jargons in it, and it is written using everyday English words, so it’s a no-brainer to carry out.

Safe and Effective

Based on our research and consumer feedbacks online, the methods introduced in this guide are generally safe and effective. The promised relief may not come in an instant, but it will probably come, depending on the type and severity of your condition. Just make sure to follow every detail inside the guide as Kevin Richardson ask you to do.

Covered by a 2-Month, Risk-Free Guarantee

You’ll have 60 days to try this program, and if for some reason you won’t find it useful for you, you can just email their support team demanding that they return your money. This is a real “no questions asked” guarantee that lets you try this program risk-free.


The Cons


Not a Total Replacement for Medical Treatment

As much we would like to say it is the only cure you’ll need, we won’t say that. We believe that the Gaia’s Protocol is not a total cure for terminal diseases (like so many “reviews” online claim) and personally think that it could be used in conjunction with conventional medical treatments or as a preventive measure for best results.

Not An Instant Solution

For simple cases, such as a headache, oxygen therapy may produce relief in a few minutes. However, for more complex diseases, it may take some time and effort for oxygen therapy to totally rid your body of harmful toxins and microorganisms that are already in your body for a long time.

Also, as with other types of treatments, you should understand that oxygen therapy may work superbly for some, while others may not be so lucky to benefit from it the same way.

The Book Is In Digital Format

The Gaia’s Protocol and the “Oxygen Diet” bonus guide are currently sold in eBook format (PDF) and no audios or videos are being offered. If you’re a traditional reader, who likes the feel and smell of an actual book, this may be a con for you.

Kevin Richardson Gaia's ProtocolThe Bottom Line

Overall, the Gaia’s Protocol by Kevin Richardson seems like a handy guide that offers simple and inexpensive techniques which won’t make your wallets sick, if you catch our drift.

We don’t think anyone would have a hard time implementing the methods introduced in the main guide, and everything is really properly organized and simply written. You won’t even need any medically trained individual to help you carry out the oxygen therapy at home.

In addition, we also must admit that we really like the complementary bonus guide, “The Oxygen Diet”, that Kevin Richardson offers for each one of his customers. With this guide you don’t have to deal with boring meals every day just to supply your body with good quality oxygen – a very important thing that will allow you to stick to the Gaia’s Protocol much easier.

With that said, Gaia’s Protocol is not for everyone.

Let’s be realistic here, while the techniques introduced in this eBook can really help many people, we can’t say they’re a complete replacement to your doctor’s advice or conventional treatments, especially if you suffer from some terminal illness. For us, The Gaia’s Protocol should be seen as an adjunct to your existing medical treatment or as a preventive therapy.

In other words, if you believe that purchasing Kevin Richardson’s guide will help you to cure any disease or condition overnight, then the Gaia’s Protocol is simply not for you.

On the other hand, if you are ready to put in some efforts, if you’re tired of taking lots of meds and supplements, or if you crave for a natural and inexpensive solution that can really help you treat or prevent different ailments, then The Gaia’s Protocol is a great option to consider.

This protocol comes at a very affordable price tag and with the money back guarantee for 60 days that Kevin Richardson offers you can simply try it 100% risk-free…

Well, that’s it. We hope you have found this Gaia’s Protocol review a great help for you and that we answered most of your questions about it.

Stay healthy and positive!

Rita and Alex 🙂

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