If you heard about the Trick Photography & Special Effects 2nd Edition by Evan Sharboneau and you try to fully understand if this product is actually for you then continue reading and discover if Evan Sharboneau’s course is really worth your money or not.

On this Trick Photography And Special Effects review we will share with you all the information and details we believe you must know about Evan Sharboneau’s system and will examine the pros and cons of the Trick Photography & Special Effects package in details so you can figure out if this course is the ideal selection for you or not.

Let’s start and before everything else, understand what the Trick Photography & Special Effects is all about.


Evan Sharboneau Trick Photography and Special EffectsWhat Exactly Is The Trick Photography And Special Effects?

Created by Evan Sharboneau, an independent photography professional and the founder & owner of the popular PhotoExtremist blog, Trick Photography and Special Effects can be best described as a powerful combination of a comprehensive guide and complete video tutorials for both newbie and advanced photographers who are interested in perking up their knowledge and skills in photography so they can create jaw-dropping shots and images complete with striking special effects by only using a basic DSLR camera and simple to complex techniques.

The main guide of the Trick Photography & Special Effects 2nd Edition course contains 295 pages and 3 different modules, while the video section of this course comes with over 9 hours of step-by-step video tutorials that describe in details how to use some “unorthodox” methods such as Insomnia, Shadow Illusions, Levitation Photography, The Orton Effect and much more.

Besides the main guide and the complete video tutorials, Evan Sharboneau also offers 4 bonus items for everyone that will buy his Trick Photography and Special Effects 2nd Edition package. We won’t linger on these bonus items at this review because everything you should know about them can be found at this page, however in a nutshell here are the four bonuses that Evan Sharboneau offers these days:


  • The Core Photography Fundamentals guide.
  • A quick guide for Filters for Lenses and Plug-Ins for Photoshop.
  • The Introduction To External Flash Manual.
  • The “How to Make Money with Photography” Guide.


This is just a basic overview of what you can get when purchasing the Trick Photography and Special Effects system. Now, to help you decide whether this course is really for you or not let’s talk about some of the main pros and cons of Evan Sharboneau’s package.


Trick Photography & Special Effects 2nd editionThe Pros And Cons Of Trick Photography And Special Effects


The Pros


Low Initial Cost

One thing that we can definitely say about the Trick Photography and Special Effects course is that all types of photographers will find it a very cost-effective choice.

The Trick Photography & Special Effects course contains almost everything you need to know about trick photography, and what is really great about it is that you don’t have to pay for monthly magazine subscriptions, seminars or books to further enhance your skills and knowledge in this field.

Provides Lots Of Tricks And Tips

Even with the relatively low price, it’s obvious that Evan Sharboneau didn’t hold back and inside his Trick Photography & Special Effects course he shares everything he knows from his years of research and experimentation.

This course contains 3 modules that are packed with unique methods, such as Insomnia, Spiral Plants, Shadow Illusions, Levitation Photography, The Orton Effect, Escaping the TV and more, and with such a great compilation of tricks, strategies and knowledge there is no surprise that this course has been dubbed as the “Trick Photography Bible” by many experts online.

Very Enjoyable To Read

Quite surprisingly, Evan Sharboneau has a very nice writing style and he explains everything in detail, but in a simplistic style which make his main guide very enjoyable to read.

In addition, unlike other products similar to this one, Evan Sharboneau made sure that he gave precise instructions on how to properly execute each trick included in this course so you’ll never be left guessing what you should do next.

Helps You To Effortlessly Develop Stunning Shots and Images

Another thing that we personally like about the Trick Photography and Special Effects 2nd Edition is the fact that you don’t need to invest on a lot of expensive gadgets or software just to create very impressive realistic-looking photos by using the methods you will learn inside the course. All you need is a working DSLR camera, and you’re good to go.

Useful For Both Newbie And Professional Photographers

With this product, you’re provided with virtually limitless tricks, tips and strategies that can be used by would-be and advanced photographers. Regardless of your photography background, gender, or age, it’s guaranteed that you’ll pick up something useful from this course to level up your skills and knowledge in photography.

Supported By A 100% Risk-Free, Money-Back Guarantee

It’s obvious that Evan Sharboneau is very confident with his Trick Photography and Special Effects course, because he’s not hesitant to offer people a full refund of their money if they’re not satisfied with his product.

Although we believe that there’s a slim chance that you’ll ever have to take advantage of this guarantee, it is always good to have this option, which actually makes the Trick Photography and Special Effects course a completely risk-free one.


The Cons


May Be A Bit Overwhelming

Well, as much as we like step-by-step instructions and detailed information, this course may be too overwhelming for some individuals. In addition, Evan Sharboneau includes some details that we personally think are not really that necessary at times which make the main guide longer than it should be.

Teaches Completely Unorthodox Methods

Many of the methods and ideas introduced in this course are not what you’ll usually find in other trick photography products out there and Evan Sharboneau shares totally unorthodox information in his guide and videos which may or may not make you feel overwhelmed.

If you plan to purchase this system you need to be open-minded about completely new ideas regarding developing and understanding trick photography.

It’s A Digitally Formatted Course

The entire Trick Photography and Special Effects 2nd Edition system is available in PDF and video formats, and you can only purchase this product online.

While the fact that it’s digitally formatted can be a great advantage for some since it saves printing and shipping costs, and allows you to conveniently bring and read it wherever you need to go, some people who like the feel of a real book or physical DVDs may be a bit disappointed.

Trick Photography and Special Effects ReviewThe Bottom Line

Whether you’re just starting to discover your passion for photography or have been doing it for years, we personally believe you’ll be impressed with the Trick Photography and Special Effects system by Evan Sharboneau.

This system was developed by a reputable and known photographer and really contains almost limitless amount of information that can help photographers to level up their game without breaking the bank because of costly equipment and software. Actually, if you have a DSLR camera then you can absolutely start mastering all the methods shared in this course for creating visually stunning images, since no other equipment is needed.

In addition, the way Evan Sharboneau explains everything in simple terms complete with detailed explanations is a huge advantage and something which you rarely find from other authors or products in this industry.

With that said, the Trick Photography & Special Effects product is not for everyone.

Firstly, if you’re not completely comfortable learning totally unconventional photography tricks, then Evan Sharboneau’s course may not be for you. In addition, if your goal is to find a short and cheap guide that covers just the basics of photography then you may get too overwhelmed by the Trick Photography & Special Effects course and we believe that you can find better and cheaper options for you online.

On the other hand, if you’re looking forward to mastering the craft of trick photography and you unwilling to shell out a lot of money on pricey tools, software or monthly magazine subscriptions then the Trick Photography & Special Effects is probably your best bet.

This course, in our opinion, is one of the greatest non-fluff and inexpensive photography courses out on the market today that’ll really teach you easy-to-implement, effective and one-of-a-kind techniques and concepts from start to the end.

Moreover, you don’t have to be a genius in photography to pull every trick found in this guide and if you’re not absolutely impressed by this course then Evan Sharboneau is more than willing to give you back all your money, so actually you can start following his Trick Photography & Special Effects course with virtually no risk, even today…

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We hope that our Trick Photography and Special Effects review was helpful for you. If you are looking for few more details about this course then below is one video from Evan Sharboneau which you may find to be useful as well.

We wish you all the best!

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