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If you heard about the ZOX Pro Training System By Shannon Panzo and you wonder if this program can really work for you or not then stay with us and discover all that you must know about Shannon Panzo’s system before making a final decision.

On this ZOX Pro Training program review we will cover all the aspects of this system in details and will share with the most important pros and cons that we have found about it so you can understand much better if Shannon Panzo’s program is really the right choice for you.

Before we begin we want to mention one thing:

Nowadays it seems that some websites are trying to sell the ZOX Pro Training System at a higher price than its retail price. If you are planning to get this training system then we will highly recommend you doing it from the Official Site and not from any other place in order to take advantage of the lowest price available and to be sure that your purchase is backed up by a full money back guarantee…

After clearing this point, let’s start with the review and firstly understand what the ZOX Pro Training System all about.


ZOX Pro Training systemWhat Exactly Is The ZOX Pro Training?

Created by Shannon Panzo, PhD, managing director of the eBrain Management and ZOX Pro Training, and a mental photography specialist, writer and speaker, the ZOX Pro Training can be best described as a complete system that was especially designed to help all types of people develop their full brain potential to make their lives easier in many ways.

The core purpose of this training program is to provide a step-by-step process to help the brain become smarter by increasing the reading speed. Actually, the ZOX Pro Training was originally designed by Dr. Richard Welch, the Father of Mental Photography and it was later adapted and developed by Shannon Panzo in order to make it more accessible for many people.

The ZOX Pro Training is based on nine modules that introduce ground-breaking techniques and exercises that will produce results in different aspects of life, including the following:


  • Help you to increase your reading speed to above-average levels.
  • Help you to enhance your natural mental photography capabilities to trigger your photographic memory, which can assist you in remembering lots of information and recall them faster whenever needed.
  • Help you steer clear of disturbances and resist the effects of subliminal marketing.
  • Improve your eyesight and peripheral vision, which is especially beneficial for martial art practitioners, athletes, firemen, military officers and police men.
  • Help you get better and deeper sleep.
  • Improve your overall mood and decrease your stress levels.
  • Help you gain higher self-confidence.
  • Help you perform much better at sports, work, school, home, etc. for a successful life.


Aside from the main modules, The ZOX Pro Training system also comes with several bonus items which include the “Visualization and Manifestation Mastery” book, the “Laser Focus”, the “Concentration and Attention Meditation” book, the “Deep Meditation System-Zen X Series” book and “In The Zone Meditation” book.

These are the main things you’ll basically get while purchasing the ZOX Pro Training program. Now, to give you a clearer picture on whether this training system is really for you, here are some of the main pros and cons of the ZOX Pro Training program that we believe you must know.

ZOX Pro Training ReviewThe Pros And Cons Of The ZOX Pro Training


The Pros


Results Are Visible And Fast

The great thing about the ZOX Pro Training program is that you don’t have to wait for months or years to experience the promised results, and you can actually enhance your brain’s memory power in just a number of days/weeks using the techniques taught by Shannon Panzo inside the program.

Absolutely Anyone Can Use It

Regardless of socio-economic status, gender, or profession, the ZOX Pro Training is suited to everyone. This training program can be used by parents, healthcare providers, law enforcers, educators, entertainers, managers, students etc.

In fact, it even works on people with special needs.

Provides A Better Life To People For About 30 Years

The ZOX Pro Training was the result of Shannon’s close collaboration with his mentor, Richard Welch, the Father of Mental Photography, in 1986. From then on, Shannon Panzo has worked hard to develop and refine Mental Photography and Brain Management’s research to produce a product that’s effective and quickly accessible by the masses.

Until today, the ZOX Pro Training has already helped thousands of individuals all over the world to achieve above-normal brain capacity and enhanced overall well-being.

Enhances Mental And Physical Health

The benefits of the ZOX Pro Training system are not only limited to enhanced intelligence or photographic memory. This will also help your mind and body achieve better health by reducing your stress levels and promoting high-quality and deeper sleep.

As you might know, reduced stress and adequate sleep will help your immune system to be in tip-top shape to fight off diseases, which is another advantage of this program.

Easy To Implement

Yes, this was created by an expert, but it doesn’t mean your nose will bleed every time because of the explanations and terms used. Shannon Panzo made sure that the modules contain useful and easy-to-understand information that any ordinary individual can easily put to use.

Comes With A Risk-Free Refund Guarantee

With so many years of success, we really doubt if you’ll need this. But just in case you do, Shannon Panzo is more than willing to give all your money back within 60 days.

For your information, ClickBank, one of the leading digital product providers in the world, is the one responsible for processing payments and refunds for the ZOX Pro Training product, so you can rest assure that this is a real guarantee.


The Cons


May Be Costly For Some

While we personally believe that the ZOX Pro Training system offers great value for money (considering the valuable and life-changing benefits it gives plus the great bonus items that comes with it), we also must admit that its current retail price may be too high for some people.

We believe that it would be great if Shannon Panzo offers an option to split the payment into 2-3 smaller monthly payments instead of only one.

Available In Digital Format Only

The ZOX Pro Training program is a downloadable electronic product. If you prefer a hardbound book than an eBook format, this could be a con for you.

Shannon Panzo ZOX ProThe Bottom Line

Overall, we personally believe that the ZOX Pro Training is a very unique and interesting product and when we read what it can do for people, we couldn’t help but feel excited.

With around three decades of great track record, our doubts of this ever delivering its promises are quickly erased. This was designed by a specialist, Dr. Welch, and further enhanced by another specialist in his own rights in order to improve other people’s lives.

We personally really like that Shannon Panzo wrote this training program in a manner that can be quickly grasped and implemented by the masses. That’s why absolutely anyone can take advantage of it, whether you’re a professional or non-professional, with or without special needs, young or adult. In addition, the fact that you can see real results in just a matter of several days or few weeks is a huge advantage.

With that said, the ZOX Pro Training system is not for everyone.

Admittedly, the price of this training program is not cheap and if you are looking for only few ”tricks” to improve your memory then you should not invest in this program. In addition, if you think that just purchasing the ZOX Pro Training system and doing nothing else will give you the promised results then we won’t recommend you purchasing this program as well.

On the other hand, if you are trying to find a complete training program that can really help you develop your full brain potential in order to make your life easier in many ways then the ZOX Pro Training system is absolutely for you.

Moreover, the special discounted price right now and the fact that Shannon Panzo offers a full refund if you don’t think his system has delivered its promises, make the ZOX Pro Training program affordable than ever and actually allows you to try it completely risk-free…

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Well, this is everything we had to say about the ZOX Pro Training program and we sincerely hope that this ZOX Pro Training review was helpful for you.

Have a great time in unleashing your brain’s full potentials!

Rita and Alex

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